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ADOPT: Auction 18 [CLOSED]

Had this guy laying around unfinished since December and he was supposed to be for something else b ut money is required _(:'3/ Please give him a good home :iconheshipthemsohardplz: This will be a 48 hour auction.

SB: $20
AB: $150*
Current HB: AB @ KaileyKoreco
**AB will also receive a small breakdown of his robes and accessories.

1. Paypal only. No e-checks, sorry!
2. Respond to the "BID HERE" thread in the comments to bid. If you would like to be notified that you've been outbid, also note that with your offer!
3. Minimum increase of USD $2 per bid.
4. Highest bidder wins. Please don't flake out when bidding, if you don't reply to my note within 24hrs, this character will be up for grabs again.
5. To the winner, I will note you the full-sized (~3000px), unwatermarked file(s) of everything seen above including original PSD of the fullbody design. You are free to make an OC from the design and are free to make any changes to the design, but the right to the artwork belongs to me. Reselling is not allowed however you are free to trade as you please.
6. The auction will end Mar 27th @ 7:00pm PST.
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this is wayy too amazing. he's soo manly :iconblushplz:
i really love this design :3
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Oh wow. He's amazing. I hope lots of people bid on him! He deserves a good home! :la:
Lovely design, look at all that detail!
NobleChinchi's avatar
He's so beautiful i wanna cry ;w;
GotNoJob's avatar
aaaa so handsome *///*
and so tempting too.. :iconlazecatplz:
bloobsy's avatar
rubs dem nips
jackettt's avatar
pinches urs tho
jackettt's avatar
CassiopeiaCrow's avatar
AB plz e__e; -can't say no to that face & design & just sdfoisdjfsdofsf-
jackettt's avatar
DSFOIHGFD omg thank you so much I'll note you in a bit! :iconmilkballplz:
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$35 omg he's gorg ;w;
jackettt's avatar
Thank you so much for bidding! :icontearplz:
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Thank you so much for bidding!
Minsuil's avatar
screams SB so loud my lungs burst
jackettt's avatar
SCREAMS BACK with many arigats :iconheshipthemsohardplz:
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