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The shop owner told her to wait while he retrieved the latex boots she ordered.

*Please do not touch anything.* He said before going.

Despite his warning, Caroll could not take her eyes of the amazing suit hanging right next to her.

She resisted the temptation and waited for about 10 minutes. But her patience grew heavy.

*Have you found my boots yet?*

No response. She took another look at the suit. The zipper, open, left the shiny interior exposed. It felt like it was begging to be used. A suit of this quality would be very expensive, she tough. She might never have such an opportunity again.

*Hello !!!* Still no response.

*Oh... What the hell...* in no time, she undressed herself and grabbed the flask of body-lotion on the counter.

*Strange... What is that doing on the counter ? It seems a bit too convenient* But she had no time to think. There was little time before the owner would come back, and she did not want to get caught naked.

She used the oil, and sinked in the rubber suit. Her progress was stopped as she felt two metal tubes, pressing agaisnt her anus and vagina. To get this suit on, she would have to insert the two pieces. Surely, the shop owner would be very angry, but she did not care. She had no doubt that those tubes were meant to stretch her special parts, giving access to anyone who would want to *play* with her.

Finally, she was in. But despite her efforts she didn't figure out how to close the suit up. Unlike typical zippers, this one was made of two metal bands. But even open, the sensation of tightness was amazing, it almost felt like the suit was made for her.

The tough of it made her uneasy. The suit exposed, the lotion, the size, this was too much for it to be a coincidence. Something was not right, she knew it.

*Ok... Time to get this off before he comes b...*


In an instant, the two metal bands joined together, closing the suit.

*Hey what the... ohhhhhh?*


The suit inflated. Her legs, arms, boobs, the mittens... Every inch of the suit was inflating and it was growing fast. The inflating suit forced her into a preset position. As it inflated, her legs spreaded, giving easy acces to her intimate parts. Her arms were force to bend in an L shape. The collar, expended, forcing her head to be perfectly straight. Finally, it forced her to bend her torso forward. At which point, she felt to the ground. The final position, resembled the one of a sex doll.

*HEYYY!!!! HELP!!! HELP ME!!!*

The suit kept inflating, giving Caroll the grotesque shape of a latex sex doll. When she couldn't move a muscle, it stopped.


She tried to look around, but the collar would not allow her to turn her head.

She than heard some noise from behind.

*Oh thank god, you came. Please help me out of this!*

She recognized the voice of the shop owner.

*Miss! I tough I told you not to touch anything!*

*I am so sorry. Listen, it was stupid and I really regret it. Just let me out and we can work this out.*

*Oh I am sure we will find something ...*

*Great... Listen I am rea... Mmmmmhhh?!*

Something was being inserted into her mouth. It forced her mouth open very wide, her teeth were covered by a metal ring, only leaving her tongue and troat exposed.

* MMMhMMMM!!!*

*You see Miss... I have a very special place. It is right under our feet in fact. I just came back from there, preparing your room while you played with my suit*

He strapped the gag tight


* I had a nice little doll there. A very pretty one, just like you. For years, we played together. But she passed away not long ago. So now, I need a new latex doll to play with.*

She cried as everything made sense now. The lotion, the suit sized for her. The day she came to pick up her boots, that old man planned this trap for her.

*I know you keep your fetish life a secret, so surely you told no one you came here.*

He was right. No one knew where she was. If she was taken underground, no one would save her from this horrible man.

She struggled agaisnt her latex prison, but she could not move a muscle.

*No need to resist. Besides, I can't open this suit anymore, even if I wanted to. Once closed, it cannot be opened. So from now on, you will just live the rest of your life as my little dolly.*

She was lifted from the ground. She felt the man's face right next to hers. He whispered.

*Now let me take you to your new home little Dolly. And say goodbye to the rest.*


The end.
Story based on the latex shop art-trade [link]
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