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Quick Environment Breakdown

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~Flocksy was interested in how i go about making environments so thought i'd take the opportunity to make a quick breakdown / tutorial.

I've got a headache and i'm tired so forgive any mistakes, if you have any questions please feel free to ask... I'm now going to sleep.

Decided to take it a bit futher and add some colour, it's stilll a quick painting but gonna leave it for now:

Some of my other tutorials:

:bulletblack: Traditional portrait tutorial (old)
:bulletblack: Digital painting tutorial (old)
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Great Tutorial Thanks for sharing
mrheadbangerSWE's avatar
Thank you very much for this tutorial! :D
JackEavesArt's avatar
Your welcome! Thanks for viewing. :)
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very helpful for me, thank you ;p
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Dayum, this is handy! Thanks a lot for sharing.
JackEavesArt's avatar
You're welcome! Glad its useful. :)
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I knew nothing about focal points before reading this tutorial. Thanks for making this. :meow:
JackEavesArt's avatar
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My usual urge to correct people's grammar is particularly strong at the moment, so I must say:
It's supposed to be "you're". :icontheplz::iconmoreplz::iconyouplz::iconknowplz:
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amazing and awesommme O.O
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Amazing tutorial!!!!!! :D Thank you very much :) It simplifies and makes sense of large landscape perspectives. :)
JackEavesArt's avatar
Thank you! i'm glad that you've found it helpful. :)
ArtbyGloriaColom's avatar
Extremely so!!!!!!!!! :D
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Thank you thank you thank you! I've struggled with backgrounds for the longest time. They always explained the horizon line and vanishing point at school and then completely neglected to tell us how to continue after that. This is a nice, informative tutorial that definitely explains a lot of the basics, and how to THINK about going about a background as well. Thanks :)

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Your very welcome. I'm glad that you've found it helpful! :)
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Yes bro awesome tutorial man! very informative and detailed on how to build up the image, man when it comes to tutorials, and believe me ive read way too many, most of em always show just the wip stages and fail to give any solid information on what they did and how they did it... this step by step guide is very useful. Im definitely gonna be checking it out for the perspective guides :)

I swa your conceptart sketchbook rcetnly man, and noticed all your very early work, your perspective outlines and value studies on pencil n other stationary. Damn mate youve come a long way :D Very inspirational :D

Youve also used the non pressure brushwork exceptionally well man! trust me its an awesome way of working right?! i did one quick enviro study recently with it too! worked wonders man, in sucha short time too! :D
JackEavesArt's avatar
Thanks man :D It's a quick one which i knocked up for a friend but thought i'd post it up (and its been pretty damn popular) but i'm definitly gonna do a better more in-depth one when i get the time, which will probs be a while away.

Haha damn man, it makes me cringe looking at that stuff! But its great though, definitly a good boost to show how much you've improved :D

Fuck yeh man i've been using that non-stop since, it's sooo good, definitly makes you understand stuff alot more instead of trying to hide it with a blend or something, its soo goood.
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oh yeah man i forgot to say bro! you should really apply for some magazins editorials or something.. Trust me when i read an imagineFX magazine and see all the useful tuts, i know you can do that shit man! Great at tuts, ive always wanted to make some tutorials aswell, but i get caught up in shit like if i were to write about something, i would write 99999 words and forget about my life in the process, and i want to do tuts where i talk over the wip, cos i know when chatting i can talk some extra bullshit that force itself into ppls heads xD Mindfucking tutorials lool, but man im living at yard nad my set up is in my damn living room atm, cos thats where i use my bros laptop, nad trust i got kids n all sorts of shit movig around here man.. need to gear my room up to a proper artshack man :D Though being broke makes my room look decrepit haha

Yoo trust me that painting stye is gonna have you on form man, i need to reset my brushsettings man, what you need is a rectangle hard edge brush, a soft round one, a mid-soft round with no size pressure, a hard round one with no pressure, and then the most useful texture ones, then the most useful stamps on the end. man my brush set is a mess right now ive loaded like 99999999 and keep changing the mains ones i use because i forgot o save them and they dont save properly :/ so im haivng to go up n down endless lists of useless brushes :s need to get organised >.<
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I used your tutorial to make this [link] Thank you very much !
JackEavesArt's avatar
Awesome, glad it helped. Thanks for sharing. :)
RipperBlackstaff's avatar
I need to know if it's well done, if you don't mind having a look to it. I am totally autodidact and I ask around to know if what I do is correct. So if you wouldn't mind telling me, I'd be grateful
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