Peace Love and Anarchy

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When people here the word "anarchy" thoughts of riots,violence and catastrophe quickly come to mind; but when I here the word Anarchy I vision the opposite. I imagine a Utopian Heaven on earth with out the shackles of government control. Anarchy is true democracy. It empowers the individual to govern his/her self freely. Capitalist say anarchy wont work with confidence as if the current system is functioning fine. We live in a constant state of control and that my friend is poles apart from true Anarchy.

        Freedom isn't a right given by man so no man has the right to take it away. If anarchy is freedom then government is slavery. The individual cannot be free in this "democratic" society because we are always controlled by the majority. Corporations have more rights than the individual. A corporation is "Legal creation authorized  to act with the same rights and liabilities as a person" think about it. The government is the people. The corporate entities being a group of people have more rights than any individual one of us. The individual is given the back seat.

      The banks control the money. The fed loans it off with interest. Then they have to print more to pay that interest and more to pay that interest and so on. It's a giant pyramid scheme . The money is printed with debt attached to it . This debt is economic slavery and one of the many forms of control.

     The philosopher & the artist will never fully appreciate the significance of their work as long as it's being valued on a materialistic level. These words are not manifested out of anger or bitterness toward our oppressors but from the empathy I feel towards my fellow person. People say I'm naive for thinking world peace is possible . Some will say I'm delusional but I believe world peace could be achieved through anarchy. Without the chains of government control the individual can choose peace for him/her self.

        Most will say this is impossible. But keep in mind Hitler wasn't born Hitler and Gandhi wasn't born Gandhi. They chose to be the people they became. If everybody Chose Love instead of fear & ignorance world peace would be inevitable

                "When the power of love
               overcomes the love of power
             The world will finally know peace"
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wow i totally agree with you =D but unfortunatly too many people think government controll is necessary..