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The Price of Freedom I

By jackcomstock
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Jack Namaste :[link]

we use the dead bodies of children to pay for our "freedoms" nothing about this sounds free to me....scarcity is the real problem....we end scarcity...no more need for money....no more incentive for war....its pretty simple.

"War, poverty, corruption, hunger, misery, human suffering will not change in a monetary system. That is, there will be very little significant change. It's going to take the redesign of our culture and values."


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capitalism is the solution for scarcity
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I can understand blaming all of our problems on greed or capitalism. But money? Really? Money is simply a bartering tool we use to trade with one another. By its very nature, it is amoral. It can be used for good or evil.

The problems we face today are not because of money, but because of how it is being managed. Most of this can be traced back to the Federal Reserve, which was created to serve the sole interests of the big banks. Since then, we have been printing money out of thin air at a rate that has severely devalued our currency, a devaluation that has been maxed with thanks to the repeal of the Gold Standard. If things continue at this rate, we’ll end up like Zimbabwe or Germany prior to WWII, back when the currency was so worthless that people used it to kindle their fires.

So in other words, don’t blame money, blame the central bank that is controlling it.
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Well, money has a superior alternative, the Labour Voucher.
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Don't even know what that is.
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Vietnam was a false flag war. Gulf of Tonkin Incident Vietnam WAS 100% STAGED look it up.

The war we are in right now is a false flag war, STAGED.
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And of course everything has been hunky dory awesome sauce in Vietnam since the evil Americans left.
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There's always a price to freedom. We just turn our eyes a way from it.
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Your beautiful work is featured in our group's weekly feature [link] :iconsoulcollectors: :hug:
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Freedom, what freedom? we just lost our freedom today, the title should be "What the Cost of freedom was!"
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I guess we get what we paid for. I don't like to play the politics game. Left or right, their all wrong.
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now this piece explains alot about the cost of money we americans used to support the war in what country?
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"The planet is finite. Human greed is not. If we are to survive as a species, we must learn to respect our Mother and to live in harmony with the planet and all of her children. War is just a symptom of the sickness. When greed is driven from the human heart, then will war cease." ~Chuska Yuha, Sioux Elder
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You know the saying "to live life you must consume life"

Well, i guess that's their ideology, or our greedy ideology.... To gain freedom we must take freedom... but let's be honest.. does anyone even have this to begin with?
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Actually, it is not simple at all. We all can't get what we want.

Did things get better when we left Nam?
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As a matter of fact, they did. For one thing, they don't have Agent Orange being sprayed all over the country, and there are no new land mines being planted to blow the hands and feet off of their children. Oh, and yeah, they're doing a lot better since the B-52 carpet bombing stopped.

Your name is on my list, pal, and you'll be one of the first we arrest and send to the potato farms immediately after the Revolution.
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You have such a poor understanding of events that I cannot comment.

See my FAQs.

no hippies please.
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Strain yourself and give it a try. Exactly what was untrue or incorrect about anything I wrote? As to your FAQs, let me suggest that you FAQ yourself.

Buzz off, reactionary swine!
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Stay classy.

no hippies please.
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"Now my friends, I am opposed to the system of society in which we live today, not because I lack the natural equipment to do for myself but because I am not satisfied to make myself comfortable knowing that there are thousands of my fellow men who suffer for the barest necessities of life. We were taught under the old ethic that man's business on this earth was to look out for himself. That was the ethic of the jungle; the ethic of the wild beast. Take care of yourself, no matter what may become of your fellow man. Thousands of years ago the question was asked; ''Am I my brother's keeper?'' That question has never yet been answered in a way that is satisfactory to civilized society.

Yes, I am my brother's keeper. I am under a moral obligation to him that is inspired, not by any maudlin sentimentality but by the higher duty I owe myself. What would you think me if I were capable of seating myself at a table and gorging myself with food and saw about me the children of my fellow beings starving to death."

1908 speech
~ Eugene V. Debs
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Still maudlin and impractical to this very day. When will we learn?

no hippies please.
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Fantastic concept.:thumbsup:
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Powerful deviation!
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