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The team that brought you the critically acclaimed Steam released modification Darkest Hour: Europa '44-'45, is proud to announce that Festung Europa is coming to a Personal Computer near you!

"It says plenty about Darkest Hour's authenticity, that you often find yourself using historical tactics not out of a desire to roleplay, but because it's the natural thing to do." PC Gamer on Darkest Hour, October 2010

Festung Europa will be a stand-alone Tactical Military FPS in the spirit of Darkest Hour. This means a faith- and respectful representation of the bitter fighting in Northern France 1944: Festung Europa will cover the Normandy Campaign following the progress of the Common Wealth forces, starting with the Allied invasion on D-Day June 1944 to its climatic conclusion with the battle of the Falaise Pocket in August that year. Expect to see realistic infantry and armour gameplay - not individually but in combined arms scenarios! The game will follow contemporary military procedure, table of organization and equipment for the Common Wealth and German forces as close as possible.

When we started incepting Festung Europa, we realized that we were onto something quite sophisticated. However, once we started evaluating and compiling all of our game design ideas, choosing CE3 as the game's development platform came natural. Learn more about our decision to use CE3 in our March 8 2013 "How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love CryENGINE" Blogpost!

Jackboot Games brings all the necessary requirements to the table to make Festung Europa a more than competitive game in its genre: Experience, a passion for games, the understanding to find the right formula of historical accuracy and gameplay while having deeply rooted respect for the history of the conflict.

We will keep posting development and feature updates along the line, so stay tuned!

Name: Festung Europa
Developer: Jackboot Games LLC
Platform: PC
Genre: Tactical Military FPS
Setting: World War 2, Summer of 1944 in Normandy, France, Common Wealth Sector
Release Date: tba

Features (subject to change):
- Two Factions: Common Wealth vs. Germany
- Supports up to 64 players in Multiplayer action
- Offline Practise Mode, including basic and advanced weapons & equipment training
- Full body awareness
- Realistic player movement and behaviours
- Enhanced wound and shock effects
- Squad and platoon level play for infantry and armoured combined arms action
- Integrated Teamspeak 3™, featuring 3D positional audio support, with separate squad channels
- Dynamic Battlefield Management System (DBMS) ™
- Projectile suppression effects
- Real world external and terminal ballistics models
- Component by component damage model for vehicles
- Game Modes: several
- More to come…