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How is everyone doing? I know deviantART is a bustling hub for fanartists but is it much of a place for folks that deal in primarily original art? I usually just pop in to check my messages and leave, I don't really peruse the newest or most popular sections anymore.

I want to start posting sketch compilations here again, though. For some reason I still have it in my head that my dA gallery just needs to have the best pieces in it, I dunno why I'm like this.

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I hope you're having a lovely day,
- Jack
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Activoid Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2018  Professional Filmographer
I still see plenty of people doing original art here, I tried Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr but I've deleted both my Facebook and Tumblr at this point and honestly I kinda miss people over here, and the community, I don't feel like I get a whole lot out of Twitter, my remaining social media account. I agree with Krovalor.

I've been taking kind of a hiatus from art in general until I get my life together because it's a big shitty mess that I can't seem to get under control, so I mean... yeah it's still kinda quiet around here, but honestly the only reason I don't keep up with dA is because almost no one else really keeps up with it either. Also I got mega sick of the advertisements and malware in the sidebar. Yearning for the days where neither DeviantArt or Chrome had that shit.

I'd really like to just talk with friends and stuff, roleplay, hang out, etc... but I'm always busy working 6 days a week and I'm too tired on my one day off, plus I work nights when everyone else is hanging out or doing things, or everyone else is busy with work in the daytime. Too much bullshit, adulthood is worthless.
Jackarais Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2018   General Artist
I'm glad to hear there's still a market for original art on dA, at least. And I don't blame you for deleting your accounts, especially facebook. I ditched the place when I was a teenager, after someone I knew took it as a grave offense that I didn't 'friend' them. I can still have a good relationship with you without following you on social media, you know?

If you're worried about malware and advertizements, you could get some kind of adblocker (I reccommend Ublock) and script blocker (NoScript). I can't see any ads and haven't caught malware from this place since I was a tween. It's fucking stupid that we even have to take those precautions to use a website, but computers are expensive, and we gotta protect them. I lost 2 desktop computers to viruses I caught from this fucking website. It's not worth it to browse the internet without some kind of adblocker in my opinion.

But otherwise I'm sorry things aren't working out for you right now dude, I hope life chills out for you soon, so you can get all those relaxing good times you deserve. Perhaps you could look in to some kind of discord server for roleplays or something? I've found lots of great new online friends that way.
Krovalor Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Its quiet but there is a possibility it might be active again soon :)
dA is planning on rolling out an update of the site called Version 9 that has been in the works for several years now.
Its going to be released before the end of the year and they're asking for people to give their opinions of what they want out of the place :)
Jackarais Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2018   General Artist
Interesting, do you know anything about it yet?
Krovalor Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, for one, the features they're introducing are still being kept under wraps at the moment, and heavily guarded since they want to surprise the place once it gets out
but they have been talking about how excited the staff is at the new Version, so it sounds like it COULD actually benefit the place again.
Apparently a while back, the site was aquired by Wix, after dA was losing a lot of revenue. They're partnering up to help the site out apparently.
There's a few things they've improved lately like reporting features and the staff at the helm to help out deal with the onslaught of trolls that are festering on the site for a while now.
There's also a possibility an AI of sorts might be coming along with V9 as well, for what purposes yet, I don't really know. I'm speculating the ability to filter
out fetish material
Spyed himself even went around asking for long time members for feedback and went out on a bit of a headhunt for users that had some solid ideas on
how the site could improve as well, seeing what other things V9 could take note of to benefit the community of dA, since its something the staff have noticed that has
remained strong after all these years, compared to say Tumblr or Twitter.
More people are getting hired lately too, and there's talk that traffic is slowly coming back here since Tumblr is beginning to die off thanks to its rep,
and Twitter is functioning too much like an Echo chamber to the point people seem to be craving some kind of social interaction again, ironically.
There's also some stuff they're planning on removing, since a lot of stuff on the site just is going to waste atm. Not sure exactly what but probably old features like dAmn and all that.

Overall, its small things here and there that are trickling out for whats coming.
Some people think the site is beyond repair, others want it to be fixed, others are hoarding for it to be something its not.
It remains to be seen if its a tidal wave of positive changes or not, but a lot of people are hoping hard and are optimistic of what could be.
Jackarais Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2018   General Artist
I honestly would be ok with a filter for fetish material. By all means I hope it still gets posted, but I'm not super interested in it myself. It gets pretty fuckin' extreme on this website.
And I wasn't aware of a troll problem, what's going on there?
Spyed is still here??? Shit, I had no idea. That's uplifting at least. To know someone that's been here for so long is still around.

Thanks for all the info though, I was way out of the loop until now. I maintain that dA has one of the best commenting systems on any website, so I hope they keep this when they introduce these mysterious changes.

The statement of twitter being an echo chamber is almost an understatement--that place is toxic as FUCK and I hesitate to open it anymore. It allows you to mute accounts and words/phrases, so that has helped somewhat, but it's like 4chan in the sense that it's a place people go to find extreme outrage in the smallest things. Just anything. It's awful.
Krovalor Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Same here really. I only logged back in recently and already noticed all kind of weird porn on the front page of the site,
which is not a good look if you're trying to maintain an image of your website and want traffic to come back.
They can do what they want with what gets them off but god damm, I really wish somebody would just find a way to contain it. Its nearly everywhere now.

Yeah, there's was an onslaught of trolls a while back that were doxxing users and stealing artwork around the place, not to mention real vitrol ends of people
from the LGBT community and others who were/aren't part of it were clashing quite hard about a year ago. A lot of the real interesting cultural dynamics were at play from around the world, so I think the staff are in the midst of finding out what caused it to get quite heated, since it wasn't necessarily homophobia that was at play, from what users were talking about.
Outside of that, its other stuff as well. A lot of impersonating others and ratting on users as well as just outright selling and stealing work,
which the staff is now starting to take seriously again. And yeah! Its insane to hear that Spyed is still around after all this time. I don't recall anyone else in charge of a website
that has stuck around as long as he has. Nearly 20 years! He must've seen all kinds of things over the years to do with the net and how its evolved. I wonder what he has to say about the state of things right now?

Yeah, same here. I used to have some social media presences as well and had to just stop using them because there was about 100 different things popping in my
timeline about what someone got offended by that day, as well as all the absolute outrage over the tiniest of things. I couldn't take it anymore, especially considering my experiences as an artist online has almost put me off from posting my work anymore. Might have to do with the fact that the English language is connected up to too many different parts of the world and absorbs up too many different kinds of people, compared to other nations that don't have it as their first language.

But no problem! It was nice seeing someone went and even read that comment, let alone responded :D
I certainly hope they keep commenting system the way it is, since, as my wall of text reads, is quite useful at times :)

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