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How is everyone doing? I know deviantART is a bustling hub for fanartists but is it much of a place for folks that deal in primarily original art? I usually just pop in to check my messages and leave, I don't really peruse the newest or most popular sections anymore.

I want to start posting sketch compilations here again, though. For some reason I still have it in my head that my dA gallery just needs to have the best pieces in it, I dunno why I'm like this.

[i]: sprout pixel [i]: potted sprout pixel Here's the links to my other places, again: <3 [i]: potted sprout pixel [i]: sprout pixel 
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I hope you're having a lovely day,
- Jack
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Hello dA! I'm sorry I don't post here much anymore, I'm still pretty active on other websites though.

I'm most active on my webcomic these days. Bicycle Boy updates every Friday, so be sure to check there for new comic goodness every week. We're just starting up a new chapter tomorrow. :]

I wonder how many of my followers here even still use this website? I guess my last handful of journals have all sounded like this. wew.

I'm surprised dA is still standing, honestly. Didn't we just get sold to another company, too? What do y'all think of that?

Anyway here are my links:

[ Bicycle Boy Official Site (Webcomic) ]
[ Tumblr Blog ]
[ Twitter ]
[ Patreon ]

Take care you guys,

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Dear deviantART,

Two of my computers were slowly destroyed by a powerful virus contracted from one of the shitty ads on this website. I'm not going to take that chance again. Like, shit, I'd rather see your stupid garish fucking orange banner than lose several thousand dollars worth of hardware again, okay? Adblock is a godsend. I'm never going back. yoooo

No love ever,

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Hello everyone!

After a long time of thinking I've actually decided to start a Patreon for my webcomic.

It's a pretty cool way to support artists that you like, kind of like a subscription. You can pledge $1/month or more, and change/cancel your amounts at any time.

If you want to help, that’s awesome, and if you don’t, that is equally awesome. I’ll keep posting Bicycle Boy online for free no matter what. I prioritize updating on time, so your support will help me continue to do that! But I’ll post some extra sketches, concept art, & WIPs for $2/month patrons.

You are all lovely, fantastic people. Thank you for reading.

Also, how is everyone? I wish I had time to post art here these days. I dedicate all of my free time to making comics right now.

- Jack

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Tagged by splip01

  1. Post 8 facts about your character.
  2. Tag 8 other Characters
  3. Post their names along with their creator's avatars


  • Stonehenge is a pretty crafty gal. She knows how to make jewelry and can smith really simple things. Though she did this more before the world ending, she still crafts some things here and there when the supplies become available to her.
  • She calls herself that because she thinks herself just as large, mysterious and formidable. Ain't no confidence issues on this lady.
  • Hates wearing her thin, wispy old lady hair down. Not even for sleeping. Will only untie it to tie it back up again.
  • Because of her status and tiny trade empire, Stonehenge has a much larger wardrobe (and inventory, in general) than most apocalypse survivors. She always wears sweaters and dirty jeans because they are the most comfortable.
  • Strictly anti-cuddles, anti-romance, and asexual. Much to Darla's dismay.
  • Is actually very compassionate. More of a 'tough love' kind of lady than anything. Does not know how to speak gently.
  • Her city has a zero-tolerance policy for bullshit. If you steal from her, act like a jackass, or hurt her people, you will get beaten. A lot.
  • Unless one of the above boundaries are stepped over, she really.... isn't interested in hurting people. Even then, she doesn't wanna fucking kill anyone. I mean, you'd have to do something pretty awful--like say, be a serial killer hiding in her city for eight years--for her to want to kill you. She has a hard time getting this into the heads of some of her ...more violent henchmen.


:iconcranberry-soap: RANI? :U
:iconthesphinxden: SINAX
:iconchaostructure: CYTHROS OBVIOUSLY
:iconzenner-zenturion: ANDERS
:icondaizarin: VION PLS PLS PLS
:iconmagistelle: MAMMON
:iconumbrulla: SCOTT DARIUS
:iconintersquid: MUNCHNERRRRRR

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Hi hello, where did the good ol' dA days go
Is anyone out there? It's so quiet here now!
I mean I would probably move over to tumblr completely if it wasn't so ass backwards to try to communicate with anyone there, but like, I like having a gallery on this site and stuff too. And tumblr is honestly shit a lot of the time for other reasons. Anyway my other journal entry was almost a year old so I decided to get rid of it.

I'm the most active on ComicFury, where I host my webcomic, Bicycle Boy. I've been updating that damn comic every Friday for two years (only missed one update!) and I've amassed 140 pages. Christ. I always think I'm farther ahead than I really am. I wonder how many more years it will be until I finish the damned thing.

I wish I knew how to advertise myself better. My online presence has dwindled to mostly lurking right now, so I apologize for that. I've been channeling most of my creative energy into Bicycle Boy. That leaves little else for me to post art-wise. I remember being younger, drawing all the time, and being disappointed when my favourite artists would get older and busier and would post way less. Sad to say that I've become one of them. For now. But no internet presence =/= no art! I should put together some sketch dumps or something.

Thanks for sticking around,
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I need to update my deviantID jfc

I look at my watcher count and laugh sometimes because I know at least 50% of them must be dead accounts
I've been on this website for 8 years.
I can't . believe it's been that long.

Anyway as y'all probably know I can't draw right now because I hurt my wrist, but eyy, imma just ask this again because I can

what kind of art would you all like to see from me, if I happen upon the free time to do so?
I was thinkin' of doing some more Bicycle Boy-related character art. I mean really all I've been drawing on my free time for the past year has been fan art for OFF by Mortis Ghost (I am not even fucking kidding), so, probably a little overdo for a change up.

and besides that how are you? Seriously, how are you doing. Tell Jack all 'bout yo earthly endeavors.
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I posted an update on tumblr but I forgot to post one here 8D
sorry , guys.

hello watchers! I am still doing okay. I don't have a lot of time to draw these days but Bicycle Boy still updates every friday, and I still post half-assed stuff on other websites. I've come to think of my dA gallery as something to showcase the art that I actually put a lot of effort into, instead of just posting everything? So yeah, that's why the inactivity.

dA seems like it's slowed down a fair bit these days anyhow, and I have a feeling that the next site update will probably make dA crash on my old-age computers, so idk, I probably won't be super active on here again for a couple months yet.

I hope you're all doing well and enjoying/making art whenever you can.

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I don't care about da rules so I'm just posting the questions

1. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? I don't know :c

2. Do you have a crush on one of your own original characters? Yes........... a few of them....

3. Do you have a crush on any of your friends' original characters? DJANGO, TAKE ME NOW DJANGO

4. Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring? Fall is my favourite season of all

5. If you had an unlimited supply of money and no other limitations, what would you do with your life? I would do the same things I am currently doing

6. Salt water or fresh water? fresh water, because i can actually drink that shit

7. What are your feelings on the Thamnophis sirtalis infernalis? I know nothing of this snake

8. Would you prefer to be smothered to death by kittens, puppies, or hordes of baby spiders? None please, no smothering

9. If you could have THREE superpowers, no matter how stupid or ridiculous, what would they be? To fly and be invisible (so people couldn't see me flyin') and to also be able to withstand the air current while flying so my skin didn't peel off

10. Why is it dogs can chew through walls and doorframes and metal, but people can't? Because human teeth are fucking stupid and can't do anything right. THEY CAN'T EVEN GROW STRAIGHT

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Thanks for all the happy holiday wishes, guys!
I'm back now, yep
I watched the first episode of season 3 of sherlock, and it was a delightful clusterfuck :D
i played soooooooooo much borderlands 2, started a new game as axton, and he is fuckin' adorable, christ.
i can't get over how many times he makes these various noises that go along the lines of 'gnuh' 'nuh' 'nnnuh' 'nuh'. my sides
and i like how when umbrulla plays zer0 and makes him jump a million times in succession and he sounds like he's getting pounded
good times
expect fan art

I didn't draw much, trying to hammer my way through to the next scene in bicycle boy and its way too tough >:I
i second guess my writing constantly and get all into that "OH GOD IS THIS EVEN WORTH IT" attitude, but i'll pull through
its a good thing poet has no genitals, otherwise i would never stop enacting rule 34 on him
i can always be satisfied with drawing people beating the living shit out of him, though. there's plenty of that in-comic.

so yep
back on track
gonna draw things :iconnotasinglefuckplz:
much love

- Jack
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Hello all,

I'm going to drop off the internet for a few weeks because of the holidays. I'm sure you can all understand! So don't freak out when I stop updating. Everything is fine, I'm just spending some time in the mysterious ~real world~.

Commissions will be closed in this time. I should be back sometime next month. See you in 2014!

- Jack
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So I've got like
8 zines of Tumor sitting in a drawer being lonely
They're paper, 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches, 16 pages long.
Here are some pictures of what they look like: [link], [link]

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying one?
I'd price them at $1 each + shipping.
Zines are awesome.

But yeah, let me know if there's any interest or not.
If there's enough interest, I'll take slots and stuff. :]

1. Celph
2. Intersquid
3. Space-Aged

- Jack
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ooogh oh man
I feel like learning some things about paneling and composition have made thumbing really fuckin' difficult for me, like i'm over-thinking everything and that in turn makes it more difficult. I'm not really sure though.

i've been having a lot of trouble drawing faces lately, too. I can't seem to wrap my head around the way a skull is shaped. I know I knew how it worked at one point, but I got so comfortable in the way I drew facial features that I've lost my  sense of where they go on the face--thus it ends up very wibbly and/or lopsided, and the face is often too big.

one thing i know i do is that i draw faces very long and foreheads very short, i suppose that 'its my styyyyle' but i think it might be messing me up a bit on the whole skull shape thing. perhaps i should try drawing faces in better proportion to get the right idea again? what do y'all think?

oh fuck right and i was wondering if anyone had any tips on drawing buildings/cities/city streets with character. I know i'm fully capable of drawing them correctly, but they so often seem flat and lifeless and really fuckin' boring and I often catch myself drawing the same features over and over again on several buildings. 

Basically, I'm asking for your help. Does anyone know of any resources/have any tips? I feel like I'm yet again at a stage in my art where I need to stop and re-evaluate my knowledge on a bunch of things.

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Hey guys,

I was just thinking about my update blog, and I realized that I never thought to ask for anyone's input before I set it up.
Would you rather that I keep posting links to the pages when they come out on my tumblr blog, or that I post links here as deviations?

God, those new links are fucking disgusting. What was dA thinking?
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For convenience's sake, I thought I'd let you all know about the two sites I've set up for Bicycle Boy updates.
On tumblr, I've started a Sketch/Update Blog for Bicycle Boy stuff that isn't pretty enough to post here.
I don't really want to bore you all with comic news. But I'll still post about the important stuff here.

Additionally, I've set up the official webcomic site on ComicFury, which you can find here.
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Hey guys, I've been working hard on Bicycle Boy!
I'm not even close to my buffer yet, but that's all good.
If you've got any cash you don't want, we can arrange a trade for some of my dinky art. Oh yes.
Commissions are still OPEN, or re-open, now that I actually have internet.

The link to my prices is here if you're interested.

How've you all been? I've been off doing stuff and things. Mostly just comicking. Good times.
Are any of you working on a comic? I'd love to see them.

my house smells like incense
i replayed Kingdom Hearts 2, it was drab at best
been bicycling and snuggling my woof
young adulthood!


Journal Entry: Thu Jul 11, 2013, 3:52 PM
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The move went well. I'm still away from the computer 90% of the time, but I'll be sure to check in every now and then. 
I've recently made a lot of headway on Bicycle Boy's plot, and I'm tickled with anticipation to actually start drawing it.
For now, the work I've been doing is largely text-based. Plots are stupid.

See ya,


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Journal Entry: Sun Jun 30, 2013, 8:12 AM
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I'm moving so I will probably not be back for a while.
I'll make sure to keep up to date on RouletteCityOCT affairs, but don't have time for anything else.
My RC babies are the most important right now. :'] 

In addition, I will still be open for commissions, however it might take me a few days to respond to notes.

I love you all.
Thank you for your immense support,

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Journal Entry: Mon May 27, 2013, 9:50 PM
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The prices are based on how long each image would take to draw if I were paid roughly minimum wage.

****Let me know if you want a portrait/full body/etc, as that can raise or lower the price.****

Make sure you note me with as much information as you can, and be sure to provide reference!

Payment is through PayPal only, and in CAD (Canadian Dollar).

I will gladly draw your original characters, fan characters, fan art, and all sorts of sexy things.

I will not draw a fan character with a copyrighted character.

If you have any questions, just as me or put the questions in your note. Feel free to ask in the comments, too.

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Commishuns soon.

Journal Entry: Sun May 5, 2013, 3:01 PM
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Going to be re-opening commissions in a couple weeks. = u =

EDIT: All the free slots are taken. Try again next time, friends!

I want to start it up with a round of free pencil requests.

Alright. First five people to comment on this journal get a free sketch from me of an original character of their choice.

I will not draw fan art. I just don't feel like it. I will draw your original characters only, alright? :']

Okay go go go


1. CharmArtist
2. Shadowmeere
3. UncommonlyNormal
4. ToothlessEgo
5. WildFox03

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