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Slutman dresses Poet


This beat 'em up poll went in sort of a weird direction and here's why. Slutman is evil, and he is also a professional tailor. Ergo, he must use his tailoring skills for evil. So in (March 2019) the voters had to choose a victim for him. Naturally, they chose Poet.

I hope you enjoy Slutman’s special clothing designs for Poet. We have:

  1. The “Really just a bunch of belts and a harness”
  2. The illegal patchwork barbie dress
  3. The “Let’s cover everything except the skin” and, of course,
  4. The moody nipple window curtain
  5. The “Let’s cover only the skin except the good bits”
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oreog's avatar
He's really making the moody nipple work, despite those facial expressions. XD 
This is a fun, expressive page! And 10/10 descriptions. 
Jackarais's avatar
ahahaha thank you, I'm glad you like it. X)
alston123's avatar
I really like the blue on Poet.
Jackarais's avatar
Aw I'm glad ya like it
GeoCaecias's avatar

I love the outfit designs, but I think that my favorite part of this piece are the names you gave to each outfit.
Jackarais's avatar
Bwahaha thank you so much! I really appreciate this.
TiniestTinsel's avatar
It took me a moment to realize 'moody nipple window curtain' had garters included in it
Top tier fashion, all of them tbh Ok Hand Emoji  

Now, Slutman, Tailor Extraordinaire, pls give this boy his cloak back before he dies of embarrassment :'3
Jackarais's avatar
aha yeah it's awful isn't it ;;

He is so gonna die of embarrassment, he needs to be rescued
TiniestTinsel's avatar
This poor fella -w-

Someone please just give him his cloak, or maybe a hugely oversized shirt :'D
Jackarais's avatar
He would adore that
Rorelse's avatar
The moody nipple window curtain  is my fave :heart:
Jackarais's avatar
I think I ordered the names of the costumes wrong, but thank you regardless :D
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