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Hello dA! I haven't really been active here, or anywhere, because fuck the internet.

Here is a practice comic page I made of my character, Somera, having a mental breakdown whilst being haunted by the demon who possesses him. Because I wanted to draw Somera in peril. Do I really need an excuse for that though. All my comics are about unfortunate dudes getting hurt a lot over hundreds of pages. yea

Mind you , the actual comic for GLiTCH would not be so hyper detailed (I hope... >_>) , but it would defs be in black and white. Because fuck me if I'm ever going to do another long-form comic project all by myself in full goddamn color (like Bicycle Boy). Fuck that noise.
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I like how completely fucking terrifying and perturbing this is. Hell yea boi. Dat detail and art inking skill n shit. Wowwee 10/10 very spoopy
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Thankye kindly my dude. I appreciate it. :D
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this is an awesomely freaky concept. so many mouths screaming and gnawing o_o Is that the form the demon always appears in? 
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oh my goodness wowwww. that is, intense. poor dude. what a completely fantastic monster design all those faces omg.
Jackarais's avatar
thaaaank youuu
that monster still has lots of other iterations in its future, i'm sure of it. Not quite happy with this design either. I'm glad you like the piece :D
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Ahh gosh, this has such a strong atmosphere, I like the panelling and all the detail! *v*
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Thank youu soapy
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oh man i hear that. long full color comics is a slow deth. 
immean it looks amazing but by the time youre finished theres gonna be flying cars and shit.
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yeah no shit!! at least you planned FTL to be like 200 pages, right? You smart sonofabitch. BB is gonna be anywhere between 600-800. Which will be SICK AS HELL when its done but holy fuck when
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OMG the details! Very scary, all those faces are terrifying. Great job!
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Thank you!! I took inspiration from the best.
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Definitely scary! XD
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Goodness gracious that is mega ultra detailed! Amazing
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u kno it homie! thank you!
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:wow: that looks amazing! I would really interesting in reading this comic :D
Jackarais's avatar
Thank you!!! Sadly, this comic won't come to the spotlight until MUCH later. I'm neck-deep in Bicycle Boy right now with no foreseeable end, and GLiTCH still doesn't have a coherent plot. XD So yeah. One day though!
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No problem at all!
Well I'm really enjoying Bicycle Boy a lot as well. I can only imagine how much time and effort you put in those pages! ><
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Anywhere between 8-16(+) hours per page, my friend! It's taken two years to amass 140 pages. Shit, looking back it sure doesn't feel like much.
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That's a lot of hours! O_o
But I bet it has improved your skills as well ^^
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Ahhh so many eyes and screaming faces, yusss. And still lovin' those monster feets, as you know!

I like the direction you're taking with Running Man's design. Is Xenos gonna get the same treatment you think?
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Uhh Xenos' arms have five segments (shoulder, bicep, second bicep, forearm, hand) instead of the regular four (shoulder, bicep, forearm, hand).  And I might change his face??? Also might change him to be feminine instead of masculine because in an old version of GLiTCH Keeno had a spirit companion that was a chick but I dunno. Might just add more negative points to my whole 'WOMEN BAD GUYS' thing. But other than that I'm not really sure.
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