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BB CH4 P26-27

Part of a fight scene I'm currently drawing in my webcomic, Bicycle Boy.

This is my first double page spread ever, so that feels pretty cool. Since I'm very proud of it I wanted to post it here (larger than the one on the website!!) for your viewing pleasure.

Have an awesome day,

- Jack
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Um...don't you mean part of the best fight scene in the history of comic fury?! Dude, it was amazing! :D
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A dude, I really appreciate that! ;__; you're so kind
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hhoooly shit this is intense, great job..!!
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Thank you kindly!
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Oh man I saw this on the front page of my dA. Good to see you are still alive and doing the comic arts dude. <3
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I am very alive, thank you! :D :D And congrats on your apprenticeship! I'm so proud of you ^O^
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Awww thanks so much dude! ;a;


But yeah, trying to get back into DeviantArt again. Kinda miss this place, haven't really found any other art community on the internet that compares... yet. <_>
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nnnyeah, good luck on tumblr bud
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This is great 🙂
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Jackarais's avatar
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OOOOoo!! This has to be one of my fave panels you've done. All the action that's happening, goodness me! I feel so sorry for Machk and Poet because they still haven't fully recovered from their last scruff, and now they have the fight off Slutman and his crew!

I still can't believe that dude pulled the shovel from his stomach and used his blood to blind Machk. I'm excited for the next page because I want to know what Slutman means by "Roast 'em."
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Thank you so much!! ;O; I'm kind of freaked out that the guy pulled the shovel outta himself too, because that shit is gnarly and must've hurt like HELL.

I assure you that he means nothing good.
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Ooo I know right! I can only imagine how painful that must have been; dude is metal af for withstanding the pain as long as he did and also to pull out that shovel out of him!

Ooo man, that Slutman! (Also I'm excited for the BB game!)
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