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Lyth: THEY CAME FROM NOWHERE Flaffle + Free Raffle

THEY CAME FROM NOWHERE: Introducing TWO new species to the Realm of Lyth.


Designs are available in this Google form:


1, 4, 9: Buntato 
7: Nip-nips Nip-Nips
2, 5, 8: Raishiteruu 
3, 6: Jackalune 
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Ohh these guys are so cute I'm dying,

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I love them all so much ;o;

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they're all so good hhh

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Ohhhh my gosh I have not seen a Kuni in so long ;o;

I have a Kuniklov from when Buntato still made em

I guess I am curious on if I could use my gal in this group?

Here is the original post where I got her:

Kuniklov :: OTA Senbonzakura [CLOSED]

Here is her up to date ref I had made:

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I'm so excited that they are back!! And you can use her, yes!

If possible, could I get you to please go ahead and send a note with this info to @Realm-of-Lyth ? (That way we have it on record and everything haha)

If you have a transparent image you'd like to use on the masterlist, send that our way in the note too please! Thank you!

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Ahhh thankies so much~ I was SO sad when they kinda fizzled out, cause Bonbon is still SO dear to me. I plan to eventually have a suit made of her. I already had the triple tails made XD

Oh for sure I will send a note over~ I will try to find a way to get a transparent image for the ML >w< <3

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