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    I'm JackalEntente and this is my information for literature commissions. I've been writing for seventeen years and came to this site in April 2018. I mostly specialize in fetish material, but I've done/willing to do other categories. My particular focus is on belly expansion and pregnancy. First of all, I reserve the right to refuse any stories at any time. Secondly, this process will be through the messaging system here on DA or by emailing this address: []. That's how this will start and end. Finally, let's respect each other and have a good time. This is my passion and I do have bills that need to be paid. When we begin this, it establishes a rapport and intricate story-building. This can only go smoothly if we refrain from being impatient, rude, or uncooperative.

    Some things to note before you proceed. First off, you need to read all of the pertinent information below. It does get monotonous to repeat the proceedings, especially when it's readily available. Secondly, when you send me the details of your commission, make sure you include everything you want to see in the story. That means the necessary scenarios and preferably, a beginning, middle, and end. If you fail to provide a proper structure, I will fill it in with my creativity. Lastly, if you or I decide that you don't want to continue with the commission, this is how the refund process will work: Depending on how many words I have written so far, you will be given back a prorated amount. I am paid for my time and if you have a problem with this, then don't initiate the process. If we finalize everything, it is assumed that you have read these rules and understand how all of this works.


[Please message me with this form filled out. Everything you need to know is below.]

Fetishes Involved:
Story Type: [Short story, multi-chapter, novelette, or novella.]
Word Count: 
Submission Type: [Public, anonymous, or private.]
Story Description: [This can be as long as you want.]


- Pairings: M/F, F/F, & M/M [Human, furry, alien, and supernatural.]
- Human, alien, and furry pregnancy
- Hyper pregnancy
- Instant/rapid pregnancy
- Magical pregnancy
- General intercourse
- General romance [Non-sexual.]
- BDSM [Female and male.]
- Birth
- Belly expansion
- Breast expansion
- Butt expansion
- Muscle expansion
- Height growth
- Stuffing [Regular and extreme.]
- Belly stuffing.
- Inflation
- Weight gain
- Hair growth
- Hypnosis
- Vore [Consenual and non-consensual. Graphic and soft.]
- Giantess [Growth, crush, and POV.]
- Food transformation
- Revenge
- Belly bursting
- Foreplay


- Fanfictions [Depends on the subject material.]
    - Television series
    - Movies
    - Marvel
- Horror
- Crossovers
- Superhero
- Magic
- Mystery
- Conspiracy
- Thriller
- Action
- Government
- Fantasy
- Medieval
- Celebrity
- Music [Bands or individual performers.]

Anything else, just pitch it to me. I'm always more than willing to try out new things.


- Anything under the age of eighteen.
- Rape
- Incest
- Scat


You need to decide whether this will be made public, anonymous, or private. Public will be posted here with your user name attached. Anonymous will still be submitted here but without your user name. Private will not be posted anywhere, and it remains between just you and me.

Multi-Chapter Stories: $6 per 1,000 words. Minimum: Two chapters with 3,000 words each. Maximum: An unlimited amount of chapters with 8,000 words each.

Short Stories: $7.50 per 1,000 words. Minimum: 3,000 words. Maximum: 8,000 words.

Novelette: $10 per 1,000 words. Minimum: 10,000 words. Maximum: 16,000 words.

Novella: $12 per 1,000 words. Minimum: 20,000 words. Maximum: 32,000 words.


This will entirely be done through Paypal. I will not accept any other method. I must be paid upfront. When it comes to multi-chaptered stories, you have the option to pay by chapter. These will be done in the order they are taken. You will be given status updates as well. There is the added benefit of this being made in my Stash. I will give you a private link so you can see how the story is progressing.

Once all of this has been settled, you can send your payment to my direct Paypal link:

I can also write up an invoice if that method isn't acceptable for the commissioner.


1. Anonymous [Alone, Together] [Multi-chapter. 8/12]
2. Anonymous [The Hunger] [Multi-chapter. 3/10]
3. CookieTheMutt17 [Kellie's Parasite(s): Arc 3] [Multi-chapter. 2/5]
4. Fudgepops [A Cautionary Pop] [Multi-chapter. 2/3]
5. Private [LTDA] [Multi-chapter. 1/5]
6. GnarlyOtaku [Tales of Sorcery and Hyper Pregnancy] [Novelette.]
7. Anonymous [Kenway] [Short story.]
8. Anonymous [Fox] [Short story.]
9. Bart8 [For His Pack: Chapter 4]


Proofreading Services

   This is a new service I'm offering to all writers. Send a note or email me at the address above to get this started. I will thoroughly look over your story, and depending on what tier you purchase, I will provide my expertise. Since this could be a touchy venture, I'm still utilizing my privilege to turn down any story at any time during this process. This shouldn't happen regularly, but when it comes to other people's works, I will remain respectful and cautious. I ask the same of you.

Tier 1 - "Touch Up"
    - $2 per 1,000 words.
    - I will look over every word, and make the minor changes my writing program suggests. This is often small grammar and spelling mistakes.

Tier 2 - "Wax On, Wax Off"
    - $4 per 1,000 words.
    - Everything in T1, plus sentence reconstruction. I will personally edit anything I feel needs to be reworded for better conveyance.

Tier 3 - "Sculpting"
    - $6 per 1,000 words.
    - Everything above, and my honest critique of the story as a whole. I will outline what I felt was weak/strong, and put forth all suggestions of how to change it.

Tier 4 - "Semi Ghost Writer"
    - $10 per 1,000 words.
    - Everything above, with the added perk of me editing the story with the changes I put forth. I will not do so until I receive the full approval of the creator.


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ThegrumpymadmanProfessional Writer

Would love to be put on the waiting list if possible :D

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JackalEntenteProfessional Writer
Send a note with your idea, brother! :)
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I've got an idea written up but I will wait till you're open again before i send it in, its a bit.... different but should be within a fun range. 
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JackalEntenteProfessional Writer
I will have a slot opening up in a week, maybe two. Note me when the time comes.
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sounds perfect. 
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If you’d be okay with belly bursting (the none-gory kind) I’d be very interested in commissioning you for a multi-chapter story
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JackalEntenteProfessional Writer
I always love variety, so consider me interested. Send me a note, and we can go from there. :)
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Done, I’m open to change elements of it, nothing is sacred or set in stone so let’s talk and figure something out
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