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Teen Titans: Four Perspectives

[Commission] Alone, Together [Chapter 8]

My Pregnant Stalker [Part 21]

A Night at the Fair

His Deserved Inflation

[Commission] The Hunger [Chapter 3]

A Case of Context and Gravidity

The Truth About Gabby [Episode 8: Fetch Up]

Fifty Reasons for Daria

[Commission] Tumefied Legacy of the Ctarl-Ctarl

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My Pregnant Stalker: Monica Sterling


The Truth About Gabby [Episode 1: Awakening]


The Truth About Gabby [Episode 1: Awakening]

E-mail: thecurlysaint@gmail.com [Copyright and characters belong to me. Please notify me before you post this somewhere else.] [This story is apart of the Requiem of Bellies universe. Please view this to get a chronological view of the stories involved, and the overall framework of this world.] [September 14, 2019. Johnstown, Pennsylvania. 10:09 P.M.]    Gabriella Tatum had always wanted a big pregnant belly, ever since her active cognitive functions fully came about. At the age of three, the first instance of this fetish was when she witnessed her mother's sextuplet-filled stomach. It was her earliest memory, and it snowballed from ther

The Truth About Gabby [Episode 2: The Road Behind]

The Truth About Gabby [Episode 3: Time Share]

The Truth About Gabby [Episode 4: Solus]

The Truth About Gabby [Episode 5: The Fyra]

The Truth About Gabby [Episode 6: Trust Issues]

The Truth About Gabby [Episode 7: Sanative]

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Since April of 2018, I have constantly created fetish literature. My specialization is in belly expansion, but I've worked with many related and non-related kinks. As the tagline says, welcome to a jungle full of intrigue, variety, and the very strange.

The art displayed in the cover image is credited to the render artist Broadwell.

Overall Update

Overall Update

Hello, everyone! It's been a long while since I posted a journal, much less one of this kind. 2020 has been a wild ride and like a lot of people, it has brought a wave of changes my way. I still write every day but the manner in which I approach the rest of this year has shifted. I want to take this time to inform you of everything involved with that. Let's get down to it. Covid-19: As stated, I wanted to touch upon how this pandemic has affected my professional life. I'll be brief since I like to keep these worlds as far apart as possible. In short, my job had run out of assignments so I was forced to go on the "hunt" again. I found one and it required me to work more hours than usual. Unfortunately, the contract ended, and once again, I was in the same position. This has been recently remedied and I foresee more of the same. The reason I begin with this is that it has impacted the time I can dedicate to stories. Each day, I regularly set aside a certain amount of hours to writing

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curious but what do you think of this mercy pic?

Hyper Massive Alluring Mercy

and I'm also curious but if you were to add some extra features to it what would it be?

JackalEntenteProfessional Writer

Interesting question. I do have to ask why you're soliciting my opinion?

well I'm just curious for ideas that's all, sorry if I bothered you.

JackalEntenteProfessional Writer

It's okay. I was curious about your curiosity. Haha. As for your Mercy art, I have seen it before. My only suggestion is to maybe make her stand up straight. It would give the viewer a full-body look that accentuates her nice curves.

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