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Here are this weeks features! Well done and amazing work to all of the artists. These works are truly masterpieces! Please visit any of the artists galleries. They do amazing work and deserve the notice.

Butcher by N-ossandon-Nezt
Butcher by: :iconn-ossandon-nezt:

Elektra - Marvel War of Heroes by KeiNhanGia
Elektra - Marvel War of Heroes by: :iconkeinhangia:

Shaman by BobKehl
Shaman by :iconbobkehl:

Random subconscious by vuogle
Random subconscious by: :iconvuogle:

Dragon rider by Samarskiy
Dragon Rider by: :iconsamarskiy:

test by M3W4gunner
test by: :iconm3w4gunner:

Saestra advanced by syncmax
Saestra advanced by: :iconsyncmax:

Frozenwind by Changinghand
Frozenwind by: :iconchanginghand:

Apaintingeveryday128 by zacretz
Apantingeveryday128 by: :iconzacretz:

No surrender by TatarskiSkandal
No Surrender by: :icontatarskiskandal:

Via the attacker - advanced version by VladMRK
Via the attacker - advanced version by: :iconvladmrk:

Rocket-start-K by Kailyze
Rocket-start-K by: :iconkailyze:

GB/RGB #1 SDCC cover by luisdelgado
GB/RGB #1 SDCC cover by: :iconluisdelgado:

Aprilsky by Tsvetka
Aprilsky by: :icontsvetka:

Sand Rocket by: :iconartursadlos:

Awesome work once again to all of the artists. I look forward to seeing all your work in the future!


Phill Simmer
Here are this weeks features. Excellent work to all the artists! Please check out their galleries to see more of their works. All the artists shown are very talented and deserve the attention.

Mizzium Meddler by ChrisRallis
Mizzium Meddler by: :iconchrisrallis:

Sci-fi Assassin by: :iconindusconcept:

Signals by MattDixon
Signals by :iconmattdixon:

Doomspawn by monpuasajr
Doomspawn by: :iconmonpuasajr:

Winter Still by Immp
Winter Still by: :iconimmp:

digital painting of judge dredd v death by ryanbrown-colour
digital painting of judge dredd v death by: :iconryanbrown-colour:

[RoD: Soul] - And Here We Are by: :iconseenyurr:

Orb Highlands by JoshEiten
Orb Highlands by: :iconjosheiten:

Robzybot Spaceclash 2 by badillafloyd
Robsybot Spaceclash 2 by: :iconbadillafloyd:

desert1 by conceptfox
Desert1 by: :iconconceptfox:

I killed the king by chirun
I killed the king by: :iconchirun:

Punisher - Inktober #6 by Aioras
Punisher - Inktober #6 by: :iconaioras:

Dreaming of Dragons by Castaguer93
Dreaming of Dragons by: :iconcastaguer93:

Creepy people by GeunBrush
Creepy people by: :icongeunbrush:

RAKSASA by Brolken
RAKASA by: :iconbrolken:

Well done everyone! Keep up the amazing work :).


Phill Simmer
Here is the next round of weekly features. Please check all of these works out and if you like their works please check out their galleries. They are well worth the visit.

Giving a heads up, I changed the info location to the bottom. I also changed the spacing between the text and the pic. Hoping to clear up some of the confusion between the art and the art info.

MKX Scorpion by EspenG
MKX Scorpion
by: :iconespeng:

Ancient Aliens by Yogh-Art
Ancient Aliens
by: :iconyogh-art:

Sight beyond Sight by MattDeMino
Sight Beyond Sight by: :iconmattdemino:

Dragon by BryanSyme
Dragon by: :iconbryansyme:

Kaze ni naru (Become the wind) by Coffeeater
Kaze ni naru (Become the wind) by: :iconcoffeeater:

Ruination Guide by guterrez
Ruination Guide by: :iconguterrez:

Roman Udakov by gousman
Roman Udakov by: :icongousman:

MTG-Battle For Zendikar- Consume the Land by jason-felix
MTG-Battle For Zendikar- Consume the Land by: :iconjason-felix:

Darth Vader by AaronMiller
Darth Vader by: :iconaaronmiller:

Grip of Desolation by LASAHIDO
Grip of Desolation by: :iconlasahido:

Hydradile by MoonSkinned
Hydradile by: :iconmoonskinned:

Valley of Remnants by fmacmanus
Valley of Remnants by: :iconfmacmanus:

Awaiting Orders by artbygp
Awaiting Orders by :iconartbygp:

Jenkin the scarecrow by schastlivaya-ch
Jenkin the Scarecrow by: :iconschastlivaya-ch:

Lost In Magic by MOSKUITO
Enchanted Tower by: :iconmoskuito:

Once again, awesome work to all of the artists. Your work is phenomenal! I look forward to seeing more of your pieces in the near future.


Phill Simmer
I think I am going to keep a closer eye on the Undiscovered section of DeviantArt. I have found quite a few artworks that are still well under 10,000 views and deserve more attention. I encourage you to check out any works that you happen to like as well. Good work and well done to all the artists that completed these artworks! All of you did an amazing job.

When it comes to the number of works featured, I want to keep it between 10 - 15. Featuring more than that feels like spamming.

Side note, I want to maintain the same format as last time. Each artwork deserves to be seen individually. I hope no one minds. I also noticed some of the works I wanted to post are collabs. I might avoid that in the long run because only one work will be shown and the other would have to fall short with a link. I don't want anybody to feel like they are taking lesser credit.

MtG Defiant Bloodlord by: :iconbenmaier:

MtG Defiant Bloodlord by BenMaier

octopus by: :iconvasylina:

octopus by Vasylina

Dragon Gate by :iconmlappas:

Draconis Invasion- Box art by mlappas

Last Whisper of the Gods by: :iconjubjubjedi:

The Last Whisper of the Gods by jubjubjedi

Kibagami Genjuro by: :iconvictorbang:

Kibagami Genjuro by VictorBang

Earthworm Jim by
: :iconsixfrid:

Earthworm Jim by sixfrid

night watchman by :iconptitvinc:

night watchman by ptitvinc

-- Cyber Barbers -- by: :iconyvanquinet:

-- Cyber Barbers -- by yvanquinet

Exeggutor by: :iconjrcoffroniii:

Exeggutor by JRCoffronIII

Purge by :icondropdeadcoheed:

Purge by Dropdeadcoheed

Monstrous - Medusa by: :iconjarrodowen:

Monstrous - Medusa by JarrodOwen

Minigun Madness by: :iconraf107:

Minigun Madness by raf107

47/365 Power fist attack by :iconsnatti89:

47/365 Power fist attack by snatti89

Life on DA

First and foremost, I want to thank you all for your views, comments, faves, and llamas. So far I have been able to send words of thanks to comments and llamas because they are manageable in number. However just because I can't respond all the time doesn't mean I don't care. I greatly appreciate your kindness. I feel that shouldn't be left unsaid.

My current plans on DA are to get more personal works uploaded on to the site. I might do more smaller projects just to get my head back in the game. I feel the journal aspect is just as important at this time. The last journal I made started something that I want to continue doing. And that is to feature the work of other artists. So many of you put so much time and effort into your work that you deserve to get noticed with it. And it's a shame when you don't. So starting this weekend I am doing a weekly feature.

Life as a professional artist

Suffice it to say, I am still on professional hiatus. But I may not be shortly. Other than that, lately I have been trying to get more sketches and studies done. Larger projects on the other hand, tend to take longer than I want to admit. I might be going through a change in style in the upcoming time ahead. I can tell you right now that I am practicing a mix of a drawing style as well as an expressive painterly style. But this will have to be shown in due time.

I do have some good ideas of what to do with my work, but the details of that will have to wait.

That's about it. I apologize for the short journal post. But before I go I want to say this: I am honored to be surrounded by such an awesome community. I look forward to seeing more of you on DA. Also I encourage you to keep up the good work. Because some day it will pay off :).

Til next time!


Phill Simmer
I just found this on my News Feed: Rick and Morty Contest Winners.

Before I say anything I want to show my appreciation to everyone that supported the work on DeviantArt. It really means a lot. I also want to send my thanks to the DA judges and Justin Roiland for placing my work in the top 3.

I also want to congratulate :iconsleepy-kc: and :iconkaiserflames: on a job well done in making the top 3 as well. Their work is spectacular and deserves praise. If you haven't seen the works already I encourage you to check them out.

:iconsleepy-kc:'s Skeletons in Ricks Closet.

Skeletons in Rick's Closet by sleepy-KC

:iconkaiserflames:'s Interdimensional Omlette

Interdimensional Omlette by KaiserFlames

Here's a quick shout out for the other runner ups also. Please check out their works if you haven't already as well. They did an amazing job on the contest and deserve praise as well.

Impulsive Cosmopha-Jerry by :iconaylastardragon:

Impulsive Cosmopha-Jerry by AylaStarDragon

Minirickverse by :iconghostillustrations:

Falling out by :iconkcday:

Falling Out by kcday

Portal Malfunction by :iconzattdott:

portal malfunction by zattdott

Heads up b-broh ! by :iconshawnprairie:

Heads up b-broh ! by ShawnPrairie

I know I'll be frustrating some people by posting these. But I'm gonna do it anyway. These are personal favorites that I felt were done. I really want to give a shout out to these artists because they did very fine work that deserves notice.

Deep Trouble be :iconakitamonster:

Deep Trouble by akitamonster

Interdimensionally Dysfunctional Contest Entry by :NuclearLoop:

Interdimensionally Dysfunctional Contest Entry by NuclearLoop

Buckle upn M-Morty! by :iconghotire:

Buckle Up, M-Morty! by Ghotire

Family Vacation to DEATH by :iconwhitetreefox:

Summer Vacation by :iconspookrea:

Personal thoughts:

There really isn't that much else to say, except I had a lot of fun on this contest. I was seriously at the edge of my seat this entire month. I hope everyone else had fun also. Because I think that's what this contest was about, letting your imagination run wild and seeing what you come up with. If you really think about it, the best part of being an artist is creating your own universe and introducing it to others. This contest felt like a reflection of that said desire. For that I am thankful to even participate in such a project.

Anyways. Once again congratulations and good work to everybody that participated in this contest. I hope to see more of your work in the near future.


Phill Simmer.
Looking back on my last post it was kind of depressing. Then again, I was going through some tough times. We all have them, we all have to deal with them and overcome them. Such is life. But I digress.

I realized that I have been using DA on three separate accounts for the passed 10 years now. I mean, holy crap. This site has been a major part of my life. So lately I have been asking myself: Why am I not involved enough with the DA community? I have received so many generous compliments about different works, people have shared them and various groups have added them to their galleries. I have even had some fun comment threads in some parts of the site.

The fact is that I think I lost track and misplaced the fun in being an artist. For some reason it became about work and contests and taking the work too seriously. But I think the greatest thing about being an artist is sharing work with other people and feeling a sense of involvement. Not for bragging rights or being a show off. But to adopt and share fresh ideas to keep a creative flow going. Being a recluse is one of the most counterproductive tendencies an artist can have.

So for starters, I think I am going to try to show more appreciation to the people on the site. Starting with commenting more and sharing other peoples work on the site. You work hard on your works, create or recreate universes that build on the imagination of others. You literally add to the very things that make this world amazing. I think that such feats shouldn't go unnoticed. And I apologize for not portraying that in the past.

As for my current works.... I am slowly but surely getting myself back in gear. I think that I should work towards a schedule and keep fresh ideas going.

I think I'll figure out the rest along the way. For right now all I want is to re-crack the ice and say:

Hi I'm Phill, nice to meet you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to leave a comment!


Phill Simmer
Hi everyone.

First I would like to apologize to those of you I have not replied to that have messaged me personally. I really do appreciate everything you have to say or offer, however circumstance has not allowed me to get back to you.

As the title states, I am going on temporary hiatus from commissioned work. This is by no means a permanent retreat from the art field. In fact it is the exact opposite, I want to take the time to pursue some personal projects as well as some style exploration.

I will still be on deviant art and hopefully updating soon with newer works. If you have any questions, want any form of feedback, or just want to say "hi", feel free to leave a comment or a note.

Last but not least, I would like to thank you all for all of the support. I may be quiet with comments, but I still appreciate all of the compliments and feedback that you offered.

I wish the best for all you and keep up the amazing work!


Phill Simmer
Random Fact: I'm addicted to green apples and anything with a sour apple taste. Completely relevant to this post... of course I'm lying.

Once again I appreciate all of the comments, even though I am pretty bad at getting back to them, I want to let you know that they are fully appreciated.

I have been thinking about starting up a separate sketch folder if anyone is interested. A lot of times sketching is fun and takes the edge off when working on tedious projects... It also keeps my brain from melting.

So..... What keeps YOUR brain from melting? I call shenanigans on anyone that claims that they put it in the freezer.
Holy crap there is a ton of things to reply to.... 0.0

Thank you to everyone that left a comment, your compliments and criticisms are fully appreciated! Please don't take offense if I don't get back to you, there are a lot of comments and it would take a lot of time to get back to all of them. Thank you to everyone that added my work to your favs and my page to your watch list, this is fully appreciated as well!
Yep, Just didn't want to keep my old account.

So, my current goal is to become a professional and illustrate for a living. I want to do the rest of my learning in the real world rather than a school that costs 1k per credit hour. As a person I don't discourage constructive criticisms, just please don't throw me any trollish comments.