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The Near Escape
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Published: August 31, 2015
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Morty: Uhhhh.... Rick.... Where are we?
Rick: Looks like we ;bluuurch; landed in a dimension where mutation was more popular than the internet. I'd be careful Morty, don't trust the eggs.

Much much later on, while escaping multiple unusual monsters.

Morty: How are we going to get out of this one rick!?
Rick: We-we-we have to escape ground level or else we risk bring burrowing skeletons with us. We have to fly Morty! We have to Fly!
Morty: How are we supposed to do that?
Rick: Here Morty! Put this on. These are Diaper Jets. They ;Bleeeh; run off the methane of your farts.
Morty: ....
Rick: And take this also.
Morty: ;swallows pill; What's this for Rick?
Rick: The human body doesn't produce enough methane to fuel the Diaper Jets. Y-y-you have to break down everything inside your bowels into gas before lift off. But make sure you break wind immediately after the pill takes into full effect. Or else you risk internal combustion.
Morty: How- wha.... Oh man.
Rick: Also Morty, remember to not crap yourself too much. If you do that you could clog the vents and render the Diaper Jets unusable. So remember Morty, don't poop the poot.


I hope no one finds the toilet humor offensive. If so.... welp, not much I can do there. This project was a blast, one of the hardest things to pull off was fighting against the spiral laid in as teeth. I kind of wish I experimented more with the landscape, but it was hard to show given the composition I chose. The idea is that the whole earth has become a giant mass of flesh, blood and muscle. The dominate species actually lives inside the earth with their own independent skeletal structures and kind of swim as they constantly attach and unattached muscles. The above species' are more or less creations that resembled hints of a prior civilization being human. Yet at the same time they are parodies of what used to be.

EDIT: I changed the portal gun slightly. I didn't realize how much I goofed on the design of it and how much it worked against the composition. Also flipped the canvas. This orientation was the original layout and for a short while I liked it flipped better because it showed more of the environment. However, looking back on it, having it flipped takes away from the intensity. I apologize about that.
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Comments (121)
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Congrats on first place! 

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Amazing as usual! 
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My eyes have an orgasm. How talented can some people be? This is amazing, congrats!
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I love this.
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This is so imaginative and unique, and it definitely seems like something that would be on the show. I think the toilet humor fits right in, personally; very creative. Favorited and watched, keep up the great work!
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Thank you for the very generous comment as well as the fav and watch!

It would be cool to see in the show. I would hope the same for plenty of the other contestants. They had some very creative ideas.
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SketchCrows|Student General Artist
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IdaBarracuda|Student Digital Artist
This made me very moist. 
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Too. Weird. ;D
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Steam-Powered-Cyborg|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Don't blame them for giving you first place.
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queenue|Student Digital Artist
I can see why Roiland liked this. Diaper Jets? Brilliant! (I thought they were like, iron jockstraps at first, which seemed very funny to me for some reason.)

Your art is fantastic. Congrats on first place, too! ^-^
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That actually sounds like one of Rick's inventions
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Way to go!  Congrats on taking top honors.  Grab a car, a portal gun, and take a victory lap around a few dimensions. ;)
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Thank you very much :). Lol funny enough I am thinking about taking a short road trip with the winnings =P.
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Clap congarts on 1st place. Heart 
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ariannejae|Hobbyist Digital Artist
amazing af I love this
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Congrats! !!! It turned out really great ! I haven't started watching the show yet, but this piece really makes me wanna start right now :D
the teeth were an amazing idea. Was that original or in the show ? 0:
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Thank you :D. You should give the show a shot. I personally love the show from what I've seen of the first season.

The teeth was an original idea. The contest felt like a perfect opportunity to draw something more surreal lol.
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