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I don't really use DeviantArt any more, so if you want to get hold of me, you can find me on Twitter... JLawrence_Art

catch ya later!

J x
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Hey y'all,

Can't believe it's been over a year since my last journal entry, and even this one's gonna be brief!

Just wanted to get the word out there that I'm one of the comic illustrators on Panini Comics' new TMNT magazine. I could only do the intro page on Issue 1 for scheduling reasons, but I'm doing Issues 2 and 3 for sure (I'm about halfway through Issue 3!)

The first issue of the magazine is out now, with Issue 2, my first issue, out on May 30th.

Needless to say, I'm very excited!

J xxx
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Just a quick update to let everyone know where I'm going to be over the next month or so, signing and sketching!

Next Saturday, Free Comic Book Day, I'll be in Red Sun Collectables in Chelmsford. Lovely big comic shop with awesome staff. If you're anywhere near local and haven't checked it out, you should!

After that it'll be Kapow Comic Con on May 18th - 19th.

Then it'll be MCM EXPO at the Excel on May 25th - 27th.

Hope to see some of you at one (or all!) of those!

J xx
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The challenge:

Create a sketch of an original character or concept and and post it on your blog Thurday 1st March. It should be a concept completely owned by the artist (or co-owned with the writer/collaborators permission to post).

Why? A number of reasons:

1. A lot of reader and creator focus is on characters owned by larger corporations. Let's bring a little spotlight on creating brand new, creator owned concepts.
2. Bringing a little awareness to the business side of co-creating original content. Take a look at Jeff Parker's article and follow up comments on the subject. Co-creators can take this opportunity as a little trial run, just make sure to have a mutual agreement in advance.
3. Fun! A few creators discussed the idea on Twitter and thought it was a great opportunity to create something entirely new, while bringing attention to these sketches.

The details:

1. Create an sketch of a new character/character you own. We're doing this primarily to get our imaginations running, so a concept specifically created for Creator Owned Day is probably ideal. It should NOT be a character owned by either a company eg. Marvel's Wolverine, OR owned by other creators e.g. Todd McFarlane's Spawn. It also shouldn't take distinct features from characters owned by others e.g. Wolverspawn You must own the character.
2. Post it on your blog, or Facebook, Twitter etc.
3. Share your post using the Twitter hashtag #CreatorOwnedDay.
3. Help us spread the word by retweeting your favourite new characters.

Sound like fun? Let's do it!

(The above text was nicked from Stephen Downey's blog, because he put it all so nicely!)
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Hey everybody,

This journal post is just by way of clarification, and isn't meant to cause offence to anyone.

I'm a professional artist. I earn the money I need to pay my mortgage and feed myself by drawing comics, designing toys, taking commissions, sketching for people at conventions and selling my self-published comic books. Basically, using the skills I've trained hard for to make a living.

I don't design, illustrate or enhance anything for FREE. I don't do art trades or requests. I can't afford to. I'm EXTREMELY busy, and when I do pack up work for the day, I use that time to chill out to avoid burning out.

I wouldn't dream of going into McDonalds and asking for a free burger, nor do I get my feet out to show a Podiatrist friend of mine. I don't expect a free ride on a bus.

Please extend myself and other professional artists the same courtesy; we may be highly visible, we put our work out there for a variety of reasons; to create an accessible portfolio, to enhance exposure or to just be a part of a like-minded community.

What we don't do is work for free. We'd die of starvation.

To those of you who already appreciate this and respect it, thank you very much. To those who don't, take heed.

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