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By Jackademus
Hey y'all,

Can't believe it's been over a year since my last journal entry, and even this one's gonna be brief!

Just wanted to get the word out there that I'm one of the comic illustrators on Panini Comics' new TMNT magazine. I could only do the intro page on Issue 1 for scheduling reasons, but I'm doing Issues 2 and 3 for sure (I'm about halfway through Issue 3!)

The first issue of the magazine is out now, with Issue 2, my first issue, out on May 30th.

Needless to say, I'm very excited!

J xxx
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GavinMichelli's avatar
Congratulations! I can't wait to get a copy!
charco's avatar
Sweet, that's a great match for you. Looking forward to seeing em in stores
Drew0b1's avatar
Nice! I have your Nick TMNT Pic as my Desktop image at the moment
metropower's avatar
Anduinel's avatar
Fantastic news!
Spasticgraphic's avatar
Awesome, man! Congratulations on that gig! I can only imagine that it's a blast to work on something you grew up loving.
dcjosh's avatar
niiiice! my bud john-paul is doing some writing on that i think. glad to see they've nabbed such a great artist for some of this!
Bryano37's avatar
YAY! Good for you!
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Whiptail's avatar
Aww Congratulations!
enolianslave's avatar
well done hunny! I'll need to get onto Panini myself and see if I can pick up any work in that region. You draw them so well.
Salvador-Raga's avatar
Awesome, congratulations!
NickAlmand's avatar
COOOOOOL!!!!! Dude, that;s amazing! Can't wait to seeeeeee!!!
HeroKenFlatt's avatar
Just bought the mag and a couple of extra copies for overseas pals. Great effort bud.

Really glad you are on board on a TMNT product. It seems soooo right.
Letdragon's avatar
That is all kinds of awesome. :)
ll's avatar
Eyyy! Congrats dude - look forward to seeing you posting pages up on here when you can! ;)
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