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By Jackademus
Another in the series of pieces I did for a recent gallery exhibition.

It's no secret that I'm a HUGE wrestling fan, and knowing that a lot of what was going to be exhibited by the other artists in the show would be very "thought provoking" and "challenging", I wanted to stand up and say, "I'm not complicated, this is a picture of two wrestlers. And I've made it look old because I think it's cool!"

Even so, many of my friends and family overheard attendees discussing the hidden meanings and messages in my work.

Bright colours and big muscles, folks. That's it! :)

Hope ya like it!
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This turned out so good!
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Nice suplex dude.
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Awesome, me too. The red guy reminds me a little bit of the old school AJ Styles.
Very very very cool! :D
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This is absolutely amazing. Would you consider doing DVD covers for an independent wrestling promotion?
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Well executed Fisherman Suplex! :D
cool , do you do T.shirts or iron on's?
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I love it! I want to see more.
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Big muscles, bright colors. Works for me too.
Three things:

1. This is awesome!

2. Do you do request drawings? If so, how much?

3. Where can I buy Catch Heroes??
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Fisherman suplex for the win!
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that looks awesome!!!! :D thought the guy in red/burgundy was daniel bryan at first hahah is he based off an actual wrestler or your design? either way awesome job!!!!!! :DDDDD
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Awesome! Love it!
Excellent work. Nice bridge by the suplexer.
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Two of my favorite elements Jack! Love this piece. Especially the contrast of the older background and your signature face and muscles. <sigh> Let's Roll !! :)
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Very Cool! Great job!!
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Hey bud whats up. I am huge wrestling fan as well. In fact I inspire to be a pro wrestler soon. My ring name will be Gladius. I know its a cheesy name but I want someone to do a logo or graphic for the name I can put on my tights. Will you do one for me?
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Cool, i like this poster

Great art work
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