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Tinpot Hobo Issue 1 Reprint cover reject

By Jackademus
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Tinpot Hobo Issue 1 is at the printers as I type this, and for the new printing, I wanted to do a new cover. Thinking a bar scene would be really cool, I got this done, uploaded the whole thing and waited for the proof to arrive.

And when it did arrive, I opened it up and immediately knew the cover was wrong. I'm actually really happy with it as an illustration of some of my aliens and characters, but it's just not right for a cover.

So yesterday I created an entirely new cover which is now the one that's going to print. Phew!

This'll probably be released as a print at some point, and it'll always have the honour of *almost* being the Issue 1 reprint cover!

Hope yaa like it, folks!
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you should draw more of them ,such a brilliant idea ,so fantastic character
The-Second-Brother's avatar
Looks great, will have to look in more on your work!
SAJSMAN's avatar
Great array of brilliant looking characters, cannot wait to continue reading this.
cheeks-74's avatar
dang, Jack!  Your way with creatures and layout is always mind boggling!
Jackademus's avatar
Thanks, buddy! Means a lot, coming from you!
RedWingsDragon's avatar
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ogrebear's avatar
Some very cool looking alien designs there!
Blackzarro's avatar
looks awesome, want a copy.

How can I get one?
ghostlychickenfetus's avatar
awesome unique aliens.

News:Cool webcomic I found please help the artist spread its existens.
www.City of
NF8th-DaniT's avatar
Tinpot Hobo issue 1 reprint cover? Did I miss the book?
KittyPaine's avatar
Men between monsters
RedRodent's avatar
Gorgeous. I love how different from each other these guys are.
Bryano37's avatar
Love your drawing style.
KatCardy's avatar
shame you didn't use it, it looks badas!! But I totally understand if it wasn't right as a cover it's a no-go!! ~:]
Joetheone's avatar
very good!
I like the way you create characters!

any advice on how to place them on a scene? they always seem to end 2d on my sketches :D
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pinbuns's avatar
Haha, the diversity of monsters here is amazing.
Javas's avatar
SUPERAWESOME! keep it up Jack!
ArtofARoman's avatar
Well I dunno. I think it would look pretty sharp on a good sized hardcover book!

But I would totally have this up on my wall in a frame. Sporting your signature or something! ;D

Congratulations on the reprinting!
FuzzySpider's avatar
i wud buy this and frame it :)
JackCorrigan's avatar
As always... Awesome :)
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