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Skaven Warlock Engineer

By Jackademus
Last year I picked up the Warhammer habit after years of being away from it, and I'll be honest, I'm completely obsessed! And I do LOVE the Skaven. This here's the Warlock Engineer that comes with the Island of Blood starter set. My one usually ends up blown to smithereens, but I still love him!

Skaven and Warhammer are, of course, copyright and Trademarks of Games Workshop.
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Mine got really lucky on the dice roll and wiped out several High Elf Dragon Princes in one spell =P I love my little Warlock Engineer. Very nice drawing, I love the cartoony feel of it <3
squeeky! I meant excellent.<:
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Yeah, Skaven rule, man. I used to have a Skaven army myself, they were pretty badass. :XD: This is choice.
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looking good there Jack.
Didn't recognise the style you used there, didn't think it was yours at a glance..!

Any chance the Tinpot is out soon?
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Dude this is just lovely.... Looking forward to seeing more of the Skavens....!!!!
TeddyBearWithSexHair's avatar
More Skaven! Pleeeaaase, more Skaven!
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Duuuude this is awesome!! One day I'll have to get into Warhammer. :XD:

Do you use Skype at all, man? We barely ever talk.
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