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My schedule's let up a little recently (which isn't saying a whole lot. The last few months have been INSANE) so I've been able to find a little gap here and there to get the latest in my MOTUC series done; one of my favourites, Mer-Man.

Hope ya like him!

Next up, Zodac!

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Could you imagine if he was fighting against Seaspray from Transformers?

Here's a fun fact: Both Mer-Man and Seaspray were both voiced by Alan Oppenheimer.
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Look at this sea boi, it's funny how this guy was like.. an older ocean man in the original show, calm, collected, reserved and one that only does what he needs to. Then in the newer show, he's much younger (25-30) and more of a fierce yet cowardly character.
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you should totaly do Buzz-Off next!
EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
He was so out of place in the He-Man universe. Nice work though!
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Do mermen swallow semen?
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Awsome, one of my favs.
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How on earth did I miss this!! You are THE MAN Jack!
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Gran trabajo, felicitaciones...
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If they ever did a relaunch of the cartoon you are so the man to do this.
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Love him! You should definitely draw him more!
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As always - LOVE it! Mer-Man and Stratos were always two of my faves.
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Coolness! Great job and I also like that you chose this face-variant. :)

Can't wait for Zodac!
(and not Zodak)
dowaru's avatar
Very very nice colors bro'!
happymonkeyshoes's avatar
Nice work dude, loving that ya chose this face :D
alufblufunk's avatar
awesome man, he's one of my favorites!
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WOW AWESOME!!! I love your style and colouring dude! I bow down.
YES!!!! nice work, can't wait to see all the He Man art!
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I love these pics! I'm glad your busy with work but I hope you find some personal time to create for yourself.
MonsterIslandStudios's avatar
Fantastic! Brings back lots of great childhood memories- Mer-Man was the first MOTU figure that my folks bought for me as a kid!!
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Hey Amigo, amazing.
DirtyDre's avatar
cool face, like a badass muppet
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