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Just Cruisin'

By Jackademus
I was in an exhibition of local artists in August, in which I had 6 pieces. 2 of them are already on DA;
So this is the first of the remaining 4. Actually most people's favourite from the show.

I just wanted to draw a big Great White, because I love 'em!

Hope ya like it!
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that reminds me of a family guy episode.
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Great Whites Rule much better in a cage but hey i love them to death and have seen them underwater off south aussie more times then i can count in the past.
they wont bug you unless their either a hungry, b curious or c you do something stupid like grab their tail (smaller sharks esp) or kick them with a fin etc etc.
did my marine biology degree doctorate on these guys and the protection issues they faced (protected now in aussie but weren't back then).

nice job -
thelearningcurv's avatar
this is just too damn cool
bizzle23's avatar
I don't know why but I really like this one. Its just awesome.
PJMarts1's avatar
I love this one... I actually have a fear of sharks!!!
Razgriz3's avatar
Well.... as long as nobody has an open cut, or a sudden cramp the sharks would probably go on about their business... otherwise what we have here is an all they can eat and then some buffet for the only known perfect killing... er eating.... er... aw forget it... machines.
Optic-AL's avatar
Awesome, considering I'm terrified of sharks. Was almost gobbled up by one when I was a kid, fond meries.
happymonkeyshoes's avatar
Nom nom :D

I really want to go cage diving with sharks.
MummyMetaller's avatar
Nommy nom nom >:3
thawk's avatar
And not a single life jacket among them lol

Great work on the sharks!
Sandriver's avatar
Amazing. Those sharks look fantastic! What did you use for reference if I may ask?
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Krismas83's avatar
nice! i really like you colors and lines, but what i really like about this piece is all the different body types you've included. instead of the cliche' mr.buff and ms.trim body types :)
piotsh's avatar
And the view is nice :XD:
Great work as ever :D
DocRedfield's avatar
CREEPY! Well done...!
albundyland's avatar
Nice job with the water distortion and caustic lighting!
alufblufunk's avatar
cool one! great veiwpont on this,it's like a buffet for sharks:lol:
jintokai's avatar
reminds me of a game in my mobile phone... ^^
necryll's avatar
Very nice. :D

Make a wallpaper.
Master-Futon's avatar
Sweet typography and the colors really make this piece stand out.
Firoe's avatar
duh-dun...Duh-dun...DUH-DUN... (Probably the most notorious music to ever be in the movie industry! =P)
Love how you created the underwater look! :D
charco's avatar
Really sweet- I really love your volumes and gesture. Also, badass sharks.
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