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Joel Redman - UK wrestler

By Jackademus
Went to my second IPW:UK wrestling show last night; bloody marvellous!

Anyway, one of my favourite UK wrestlers is Joel Redman. I tell you, that boy can wrestle! Technically brilliant, and a great showman. AWESOME!

So anyway, I woke up at like, 4 this morning with last night's show on my mind, and couldn't get back to sleep, so I hauled myself out of bed, slung the kettle on for a strong black coffee and decided to run with the whole experience and do this.

Hope ya like it!

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albonia's avatar
Awesome job!
leinadnova's avatar
plese please you can draw wwe sheamus or new wrestler
Luminairus's avatar
Looks really good. I like it...though the rosy checks kind of throw me off.
E-many's avatar
twistedangel0's avatar
Love his nose, such a cutie. :iconflirtplz:
keywan's avatar
wow sexy ;-D
nice body!
thestefan's avatar
ur awesome!!!!i loved you color your own work or do you have a colorist?
Trixiath's avatar
Perfect! I love this one. Great physique here.
kingest's avatar
ooohhh I love wrestleres... I mean wrestleing wrestling >.>; what else right?
happymonkeyshoes's avatar
He's go a Rock vibe about him.
DarkAngelDTB's avatar
Great Wrestler and Great fereration. Nice one buddy.
piotsh's avatar
I do~!
I would challenge him hehe for a fun wrestle of corz :D
thawk's avatar
Super awesome pic man! Indie shows don't happen around me so I know I'm missing out on an amazing experiance.
NickAlmand's avatar
Cute! I can see someone had a great time. :XD:
Luisazo's avatar
assporn's avatar
...I don't know anyone who uses a kettle for coffee anymore. :XD:
Jackademus's avatar
We're still a little backward over here in the old country!
assporn's avatar
Oh lawdy
I've only heard kettle for tea, not coffee. :V
PT200's avatar
looking great
2Kwon's avatar
Are you into TNA or WWE?
Jackademus's avatar
Huge WWE fan, haven't managed to see any TNA yet as WWE and IPW keep me busy, but I imagine I'd love it. It's all rasslin' after all! LOL
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