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Hulk Am Mad

I've just finished issue 24 of A.T.O.M. and in the story, there's a character who's very Hulk-like. So for the last few weeks I've kinda felt like I've been drawing The Hulk.

Anyway, I've just finished the cover, which features the character in question, and I thought for a bit of fun and to see the whole Hulk theme through to conclusion, I'd tweak the cover to actually BE The Hulk. Just 'cause, well, I love 'im. :)

When it gets a bit closer to publication date, I'll also submit the original for comparison.

Hope ya like 'im. :D
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Wow...he looks just a little up set. I know give him a snickers bar :D! Cool hulk dude.
This picture screams out mayhem to me wicked artwork.
bizzle23's avatar
SICK!!! LOL! Very nice yo.
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Hulk am be dangerous now! Not Hulk hurt when stairs fell down! Be pushed by you be angered! Hulk nose broke! Soon you be dead! Soon you be dead! So strong Hulk face is! You punch, break fingers! Kick Hulk you're limping! Stab Hulk, you're bleeding! Hulk am be angerous now! You throwing rock at Hulk! Hit eye and it no hurt Hulk! Hulk strong! You're not! Hulk making time for fighting. Hulk clearing time for hitting.
We'll meet and Hulk will beat you! Our schedules permitting. Hulk pick out fighting outfit, don't want Hulk pants too tight! Need clothes to breath to beat you! You'll be beaten down tonight Hulk am be furious now! You say the bad word at Hulk! You pull string and trip Hulk! Hulk fall down! You run!
dude that looks wicked
EvoFurianSpartan's avatar
perfect,its awesome.
Shigdioxin's avatar
since his hand is massively bigger than his face he must have cancer
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Hulk might be mad but looking at this makes me happy
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May I use this picture for reference for a drawing I'm planning to do? I'm not drawing the Hulk but a werewolf and I like the pose you've got going here. Just wanted to get your permission first :)
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Of course, go for it!
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Woah Nice!! A great Hulk! so full of muscles! a wonderful job my friend! and the back fire looks amazing too! allow me to congratulate you
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awesome awesome HULK!
Mainfragger612's avatar
The best Hulk I've seen.Your art is awesome!
Jackademus's avatar
Wow, that's some compliment. Thank you very much!
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Now that's what I'm talkin' about. Killer Hulk!
GravedFish's avatar
hehe.. he looks very mad. nice and unique desing on hulk, in my oppinion :)
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That's just cool as heck. :D
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great pic of the ever-loving blue-eyed thing dude! all the way through this one I've been thinking of him!! :D lol
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