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Freddy Krueger

By Jackademus
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Kind of a companion piece to the Jason one. I'm so frustrated with the work I'm supposed to be doing right now that I just had to do something fun for an hour or so.

Hope you all like it!
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Is it just me or does he look very gansta in this pic ?
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I really like this, I am curious though. Why did you make the eyes green? =)
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Awesome~:D (Big Grin) 
Question: Could you maybe do one for Michael Myers or Ghostface..? 
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Freddy looks completely badass!! :iconiloveitplz:
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This is pretty cool, and it almost looks like you pulled off the sunken shoulder on the claw-hand side. Very cool, I like the subtle details, especially about Freddy
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it looks great!
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this is one of the things the we call 'awesomeness itself' great job:D
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HAHAH i accually laugh a little cuz i got one thing that poped up in my head when i saw this picure.
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...and that was...?
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Yeah, Freddy Kruger! I love these movies! Of course I like your drawing!
I remembered something about me: 1-2 lock your doors, 3-4 you better stay up late, 5-6 dont talk, 7-8 run, 9-10 Freddy coming after you... :D ;)
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luuurv dat <3 :D

1 .. 2 freddys comin for you :D
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Gotta love Freddy! ^^;
this is amazing! I wish I could do this. XD
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This is brilliant!
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Sexy. Fucking sexy.
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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!:headbang:
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Wow dude, I like so much your style!
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Awesome drawing!!!I love your style :clap:
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AWESOME! XD I love Nightmare on Elm Street!
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