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Dungeons and Dragons

By Jackademus
Getting ready for my first ever Dungeons and Dragons game at the end of the month to celebrate my birthday, so I did this to serve as the header for the Event page on Facebook. From the left; Bugbear, Elf Rogue, Halfling Wizard, Human Wizard, Elf Wizard and Elf Cleric.
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dont get attacked by a cave fisher, cuz we all know how much that would suck
Half-Dorc's avatar
wow man I love this!
Good deployment, with the cleric in front.
Wow! Those are a lot of spellcasters.
SNsaurus's avatar
nice this reminds me of that old arcade game :D
Kensoudojo's avatar
this is pretty cool :D i like the detail you've invested into their clothes ;D cloth folds is a bum to shade

May I use this (attributed) image on the website for my upcoming D&D summer camp? Thanks! Rob
assporn's avatar
Did you enjoy your D&Ding?
Granamir30's avatar
Very very great art!
phs2's avatar
hello there! great deviation man, really inspiring. I have a blog about nerd stuff, can i use it as my header background? 
Jackademus's avatar
As long as I'm fully credited as the artist, yeah, go for it, mate.
phs2's avatar
You'll be mate. And a link yo your gallery as well. Thanks a lot!

terrorwolf's avatar
I don't care I love it !!!
zenkai97's avatar
nice group how about reading about mines [link]
Emerson-Fialho's avatar
Excellent, buddy!!
FuzzySpider's avatar
great to see some new work, I thought it was going to be from the 80's would love to see your take on that. :)

how's Tinpot 4 coming along?
Tomiko2011's avatar
I like how you dominate the essence of shadow and light.
LadyD666's avatar
here's hoping your NPCs is a fighter...but on the plus side, you have a cleric to revive the fallen wizards :)
blindeyeinsight's avatar
I hope you have a good time, Jack! I hope you got a good DM, as I've seen some new tabletop RPG gamers turned off from the genre through a single bad experience. Pretty awesome party there, so at least you've got that! :D
blindeyeinsight's avatar
Edit: Nevermind, you're the GM. You're set then! I've been doing that almost exclusively for over 15 years! It's so much fun!
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