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Devastator SMASH...

By Jackademus
Just finished up this commission. The brief was a glorious one; pick a favourite Autobot and a favourite Decepticon and put them together. So I picked Kup and Devastator.

Probably a bit obvious, as who doesn't love these two, but at least there's the recognition factor.

Hope ya like it, folks!

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L E T T H E S L A U G H T E R B E G I N !
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Kup has faced giant beings before. Kup will not go down without a fight.
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my second favorite cartoon as a kid the first was and remained masters of the universe
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Be strong, Kup. ;)
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Sgt. Kup kicks ass!!!
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Wow…Kup's design is fantastic! He looks younger here compared to his movie design. I especially like the chest guard. Is that an original design, or one based from some form of Transformers media (comic, etc.)? I'm not familiar with Transformers beyond a few episodes of G1, Animated, and Prime.

The broken cable spitting sparks from the wall was a nice touch. I'm not sure where the picture's setting is, but it looks like some kind of courtyard. Very nice design. ^_^

I DO think that a cloud of dust with falling rubble would be more appropriate to put around Devastator's entry hole rather than the smoke and fire explosion though (even though the explosion DOES look totally awesome). I mean, the big guy clearly burst through a wall trying to get to Kup, but we don't see any chunks of building material on the ground below. And I'm no expert on character positioning, but I think that it would look more natural for Kup's right leg to be placed a bit further back given the angle of his upper torso and how he's looking at Devastator.

Anyway, Kudos to you for a nicely drawn Transformers fanart! :clap:
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Hmmm KUP looks screwed, but i think we all know how this is going to play out ;)

Nice job man!

BTW if you are interested in helping a designer out - could you check my submission for the DA shirt contest and offer feedback (and maybe a vote :) ). Click here: [link]

No Worries if you are not interested!
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Very awesome. I think Devastator's in trouble, just because. You don't mess with Kup!
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dude Devastator is five Decepticons in one poor cup have no chance to survive :)
BenSoulstone's avatar
Never underestimate Kup.
heavens-champion's avatar
Devastator: "Prepare for extermination!"
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KUP is my BOY! keep an eye out for his new Transformers Universe toy, it looks really good, where as most of the stuff lately looks horrible, his looks really good. like really. :)
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Absolutely AWESOME. I'm guessing this is the "LET THE SLAUGHTER BEGIN" moment from the movie, just showing Kup inside the building Devastator is ripping into :D
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Great to see some TF love from ya!
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Wicked!! Love the poses: super dynamic and powerful. Well done, mate! This takes me back o my days when I used to watch this show every Saturday. Ah, good times.
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excellent! great piece
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i <3 it with all of my <3-ness

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I always love seeing some Kup. (Old bots for the win!) XD Great job on the pose, expressions and all the little details. Your work never ceases to amaze me with how expressive it is!
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This is great! Love Kup! ;)
Rau-Le-Creuset's avatar
What ever happened to Tidal Wave? :(
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