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Creator Owned Day - Velaskas

By Jackademus
Yes, it's March 1st, so that means it's "Creator-Owned Day" on Twitter, a kind of mass holler that there's a bunch of us out here in the wilderness who are creating our own books and loving it!

So, in the interest of creating a piece specifically for the day, I knocked up this pic of an upcoming character in Tinpot Hobo Issue 3; Kanar Velaskas.

For those who are wondering, Kanar is her rank, Velaskas is her name!

Hope ya like it!
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happymonkeyshoes's avatar
Ooooh I like her!!!
bozodeathgod's avatar
Pops off the page, brother, sweet, sweet pic.
Dualmask's avatar
Coolness. I really like the style!
FuzzySpider's avatar
wow it nearly done or are you teasing us fans?? Would love to see a pinup version perchance??!!
ArtofARoman's avatar
Nice work!
I've gotta save my funny munny together so I can buy a copy of your book. My life has been lacking in awesome comic work, and I must remedy this!

Any more planned for the day?
Kegg's avatar
Very nice Jack, you never fail to impress!
Kerevon's avatar
RichBernatovech's avatar
Very cool. She looks interesting.
Anduinel's avatar
She looks fab! I can't wait to see her make an appearance!

("Knocked up"? Did I just trip over the English/American language barrier?)
NickAlmand's avatar
Wooooo!! That's awesome! :XD: I guess I should start doing something similar, eh? I'll have to put at least one of the newer Sons of Nowhere designs up today. =)
oatdoe's avatar
Cool head. I like her design a lot :) I'll try to upload something as well! I still don't understand how to use Twitter properly :P
Zeartist's avatar
I like her, good job! I'll be uploading a piece, too for this special day!
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