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By Jackademus
Me old mate Cheeks, as many or all of you will know, is drawing headshots of anyone who wants one. And seemingly (and unsurprisingly) the universe has, as one, responded in the resounding "yes, please!"

So I thought it only right and fair that the Universe give something back to the happily snowed under crazy art man. Unfortunately, turns out the Universe is busy today, so I thought I'd have a crack at it.

Hope you all (and especially Sean) like it!

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yo that's awesome!!! I recognized him way before reading his nick name in the drawing lol

MAVERICKissue1's avatar
wow can i have one of me ,i'm just a poor black man trying to make it lol.
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Garurumon6's avatar
Curious to know what the keychain is... so familiar.
tdg-longlegs's avatar
very nice design
Sean is my very favorite deviartist
thelearningcurv's avatar
i am glad I am not the only one who feels that the man deserves something back=] I will be working on mine soon=]
happymonkeyshoes's avatar
Instant Cheeks Recognition!
CabbageKnees's avatar
SpawnGuy's avatar
That's beautiful.
Jamush's avatar
Haha, that's awesome. Nice job! :D
WilsonWJr's avatar
Nice! (And cute as hell to boot!!!) ;)
RangyRougee's avatar
Niiiiiice! Looks beautiful, all of it :heart: XD jajaja!
enchantma's avatar
Oh, I love your style! This has great shading, and I love that the line art isn't totally solid black. He's also quite cute (:
Tella-in-SA's avatar
That is wonderful. I don't know him from the next best person on the street, but it really seems as if I am catching a glimps of a part of his personality in this image. :D
cheeks-74's avatar
DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is too cool! for school! Oh, man! I wish I was a stud like that. hahaha You totally got me except I'm not as pretty. ahahahaha Send me a pic, too, bud! I'll draw you up! Well, to put it the way you said it..... I'll "Jack" you up, too! hahaha
Jackademus's avatar
Ah, awesome, I'm really glad you like it, buddy! And don't put yourself down! I only worked with what was there! I'll deffo send you a pic, dude, but I need a shave first. I look like a caveman at the moment!
Glad ya like it, pal!
MattFranklin's avatar
Yup thats Cheeks all right. Right down to that hat. Nice touch with the Keychain on the bad. sweet
Jackademus's avatar
Thanks, matey!
WillCaligan's avatar
Pretty nice take on Sean. You did a good job. Glad to see some more work from you. I have missed ya around these parts.
Jackademus's avatar
Thanks, Will. I'm gonna try to update more often, for sure!
WillCaligan's avatar
Cool beans, my friend. Can't wait to see more from you. Hope life is good.
DanSchoening's avatar
Spot on likeness! Kudos man
Jackademus's avatar
Thanks, buddy!
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