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Autobots Assemble!

By Jackademus
This is something I've wanted to do for a while so on the lead up to Thought Bubble, my last con of the year, I just got on and did it. In case it needs saying, it's a collection of some of my favourite Autobots from different Transformers continuities, posed as the Avengers.

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They've totally assembled!
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They act just like Avengers, really cool.

I think I like it.
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I find Transformers so intimidating to draw, I'm always impressed when someone pulls them off this well.
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AMAZING stuff Jack. If only IDW would put you on one of their TF books......
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Fantastic. I'm constantly awed by your craft.
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Interesting picks of incarnations (Arcee Prime for the win!). Now I'm curious about which incarnation of the Decepticons you would pick.
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This is great - and the hammer really suits Ultra Magnus.
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Awesome to see you posting again. Gotta love the nostalgia.
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Man, this is beautiful!  Major bonus points for having TFP Ratchet and Arcee in there.  :D
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Very nice indeed... we must talk about that commission again soon.
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I was thinking the exact same thing. XD
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Which Transformers era?
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It's not from any one era, just a collection of some of my favourites from various continuities...
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