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Ey, every dragon needs a best friend, right? Right?!

Anyways, here's some rejected designs for Fib, Fable's best friend. I almost chose the one on the far right, but ultimately decided that his body type was too similar to Fable and it didn't properly exude his more laidback personality. That's too much sass, my guy.
And of course he's a jackalope, but I tried to add more deer attributes like the hoof-toes.

The world they live in is covered in ancient technology (al la Jak and Daxter or Final Fantasy) so I imagine that Fib likes to scrounge around old temples and reverse engineer the machines he finds. (That's where design 2 came from- it was a bunch of parts he stole from a robot.) He can be smarmy sometimes, but he's Fable's best bro through and through.
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