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Dragon Queen- Empress Kaleign FanArt

Hey kids! Wanna know how to get me to obsess over something for a few days?
Step 1: slap "dragon" in the title
Step 2: ???
Step 3: profit

All joking aside, I actually like :iconinkrose98: 's story, Dragon Queen. My favorite part of the book is definitely the beginning; not only do I like the progression of events and how they're told (I ain't spoilin'), but I also really like the villain. You know you've got yourself a good antagonist when she appears exactly once and she's already my favorite character. I'm a sucker for mysterious glowy peeps with vague and ominous powers and even more vague and ominous motivations. Especially when they eat someone like a cheeto in front of the main character.

So I doodled a fan interpretation (emphasis on the interpretation) of Empress Kaleign in my weird, very unfantasy-looking style. I started by spitting out my own design based on the way I pictured her. Then I saw InkRose's sketch of her, noodled around with the horns a bit because what she came up with was better, and then completely gave up when I realized that I'd have to draw ears. Cute dragon ears are my mortal enemy. I also ended up lopping of two of her horns- she looks fine when InkRose draws her with eight horns, but my stupid hands wouldn't cooperate.
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That looks pretty cool
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I feel so bad for her.
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I know, right? If you were trapped in dragon form you’d have to get all of your chairs custom made and that can’t be cheap. Oh yeah, and the whole “family sacrificed to a blood hungry god and kingdom corrupted” thing.
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Woah! I love how menacing she looks! Awesome stuff!!
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