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the Restless. by jack8642 the Restless. by jack8642

the Restless.

Born in the era of Realization, and became the part of Army of Providence, they sworn to their Lord to Hunt down the ghosts of old ages and leftovers of  superstitions under the name of Progress.

but no matter how many they slay, how many they execute, the pus of old world kept flowing, and thus their Hunt never ended.

as more and more time passes, people began to forget about the dark ages of old times, and the guardians who fought the ancient horrors to this time to protect their lives.

in the end, the world has completely forgot about the Hunters. no one could speak the name of any single members of the Hunters, nor to memorize their faces. but ironically, the spirits and creatures that once be hunted by them began to re-imaged and re-told by children and Artists.

Since the world became a little bit boring and tasteless place, they began to missed the sweetness of their dreams and fantasies. so they began a movement of re-creating  and romanticize the old world in the form of arts.

but nobody remembered the Hunters. even the Lord himself seemed like completely forgot about them.  

and now, the Hunters  became what they most hated and most despised. they became the ghosts of old ages itself.

PS: Yes, I love firefighter helmets. those hats are cool.

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September 4, 2016
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