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  • Listening to: The wind. Also crickets.
  • Reading: The Xanth series by Piers Anthony
  • Watching: The Mighty Boosh
  • Playing: What else? World of Warcraft
  • Eating: Crackas (white people)
  • Drinking: Watah
In fact, I'm doing quite well.

I have four ongoing projects at the moment:

Rebuilding the Six By Nine College archives (yes it's taking a while).

Prayer For Ruin, a comic I'm doing with friends.

The NEERD, another comic I'm doing with friends (no website yet).

Such is Life, a comic that is, for the first time in my life, all my own.

I also have a blog where I post updates regarding these projects and also shortish one-shot comics that have nowhere else to go.

This DeviantArt page will still be a repository for sketches and drawings I deem worthy of being shown to people besides my mom, and I'll try to be up on that from now on.  but prolly it'll be pretty sporadic.

Meanwhile: WTF are these Llama badge things?  I'm out of it for a while and the whole world goes crazy with llamas.  OH GOD IT'S LIKE MY DREAMS.  The non-sexy ones.  But seriously what are these llama things? Are we supposed to collect them?  Raise them?  Teach them fascist regimes and then, upon admonishment by society and their peers (other digital animals with funny names - I'm looking at you, platypus), break down sobbing and scream "They didn't know!  How could they!" over and over again?  This confuses the hell out of me, I'm sure you can tell.

Aaaaanyways.  Follow the links on a whirlwind tour of my life.  IF YOU DARE.

EDIT: I've cleaned up my gallery by removing any comic I had here.  I still have some comic pages in the gallery but they're untexted so they're not technically comics, and also more artistic, so I figured they could stay.  Actually I might put more stuff in there.

To view all my random comics that have no home, go to my blog.
  • Listening to: Tree play Ukulele
  • Reading: The Anita Blake series
  • Eating: Starburst Gummibursts - Breakfast of Champions
  • Drinking: Qoo!
Just wanted to let you all know.

Status of projects:

Riftwise is still running, albeit slowly, which is completely my fault.

I'm still rebuilding the Six By Nine College archives, also slow going.

Prayer for Ruin is, big surprise, updating slowly!  Like really slowly!

I've actually started drawing ACTUAL REAL SIX BY NINE COMICS!!!  Isn't that insane?

Other projects are progressing even slower than these!

  • Watching: The Young Ones
  • Playing: Mana Khemia
  • Eating: Buffalo Strips, aw yeah.
  • Drinking: Orange Tropicana Twister
Hey, just wanted to update everybody on the status of my new projects:

Prayer For Ruin:
A comic I'm doing with a friend involving robots and demons!  I'm getting a URL for it right now, have 10 or 15 pages done so far.

A comic I'm doing with :iconbaleshadow:, you've all seen the pinups here and on his DA page.  Not sure about a URL for that one but if all else fails he or I will post them on DA.

A comic I'm doing with my brother, featuring some of the same characters from SBNC.  However, SBNC is/was completely non-canon, so things will be very different.

A Sonic the Hedgehog fancomic:
Also with my brah.  Pretty self-explanatory.

Various other projects I'm doing on my own:
Various other projects I'm doing on my own.  Duh.

That's about it for now, I'll update as needed.

<3 10er
  • Watching: American Psycho
  • Playing: Mana Khemia
  • Drinking: Tampico!
Well, looks like 6x9 College is dead.  I tried to post this on the tagboard, since Amber had locked me out of the FTP, but then she removed the tagboard as well.

Long story short, I told her to stop being such a bitch all the time and she told me to go fuck myself.  So now she's prolly gonna nuke the site and sue me if I try to use her scripts (no joke, that's what she said).  So I apologize to all our readers, and it also comes at a terrible time since I'm actually updating regularly.

But! on the plus side, I'm working on a bunch of new projects which I'll have complete control over, so crazy fascists can't just destroy them when they get annoyed!  Well, unless they work for the Gub'ment.  Or the INTERNET POLICE.

I'll keep everyone posted on DA when I get new sites up and running :)

<3 10er