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I don't think I'll ever be able to see Hamilton.  Not because I think it's bad or anything, but because to me, it has been thoroughly eclipsed by its insane fandom.  Yeah, I'm talking about the Hamilton HIV fanfic drama.  Yeah, you read that right.

For the uninitiated, here's the short version: so someone claiming to be a non-binary Chinese-Pakistani human trafficking survivor living with HIV, who I will refer to as the AIDS author from here on out, writes a highshool AU of Hamilton where everybody has AIDS basically. AIDS author claimed to live in India with their lesbian American "woman of color" wife who also had HIV.  Oh and at some point, they suffered a miscarriage.  Aside from their fanfic, AIDS author was famous for getting into silly internet fights with people and using their HIV positive status as a trump card to win said fights.

So, this all carries on for a while until AIDS author comes into conflict with another fanfic author, who will be referred too as the vore author, who wrote a cannibal mermaid AU fic featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda and Thomas Jefferson performing oral sex.  Apparently, AIDS author thought the fic was gentrifying cannibalism and used their influence to get it removed.  Naturally this angered vore author, so they did a little cyber sleuthing and discovered AIDS author was not the person they claimed to be.  Turns out AIDS author was actually a lily white American collage girl.  Her "woman of color" wife?  A sock puppet account she made to keep up the charade.  

If that wasn't crazy enough, AIDS author had two other sockpuppets she used to fake harass her Chinese-Pakistani gender blob and wife of color personas.  All just scam people out of money and likes for her ridiculous fanfiction.  The whole thing is pure comedy gold start to finish.  And that's why I have no interest in Hamilton.  No matter how good it actually is, it can't top the saga of the HIV positive highschool AU.



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