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Mature content
Young!Jesse McCree x Fem!Reader~V.O.A. :iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 30 0
A Witch Is What I Am and I Love It
A Witch is What I Am and I Love It.
I am not a hag with warts and a broomstick with a feline companion by my side.
I do not have a cauldron that oozes radioactive gak and changes colors with every new ingredient.
I do not lust after those more well off than I, one who is riddled with envy and greedily desires that which should be mine.
A Witch Is What I Am and I Love It.
I am a witch of a different breed.
I influence those around me to lean to my side, all the while they believe it is of their own desires, unaware that it is all part of my plan.
I build an army from within, creating a hive mind with me as a secret queen.
A Witch Is What I Am and I Love It.
A smile, a giggle and a few correct words is all I need to ensnare my minions.
They willingly flock to my side as they perceive me as one who needs to be protected, a beacon of innocence in a bleak world.
They remain unaware that they have just become one of the toys in my game.
A Witch Is What I Am and I Love It.
A true leader is on
:iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 1 13
Candela x Reader~Fiery Passion
"(Name)! Are you ready to train?!" You jumped in surprise at the familiar voice calling out to you from across the battlefield. It was none other than Candela, the leader of Team Valor, and she was challenging you to a battle. You had barely survived the last opponent and were in the process of healing your Pokemon when Candela showed up. You felt your breath hitch in your throat and a bead of sweat trickle down the back of your neck. There was no way you would survive a fight against her!
"Miss Candela, please, I've already been training all day! I can't go up against you of all people!" You waved your arms in front of you in a panic as you saw Candela throw out her Pokemon. It landed on the ground and created a shock wave that almost made you lose your balance.
"Nonsense! Now get ready, I want you to give it your all!" Candela shouted with excitement, she was like a fire that wouldn't burn out whenever she got pumped for a battle. You sighed as you returned your injured Pokemon to th
:iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 22 19
Spark x Reader~Electrifying Late Night Adventure
"Spark." Your voice was a mix between a groan and a growl as your legs ached from walking for the past few hours. You were currently following Spark, The Leader of Team Instinct, to an unknown location in the middle of the night. You couldn't resist his cute pleading face as he forced you to get up and get dressed to help him in his quest for gyms and egg-hatching.
"Yes, (Name)?" Spark looked over his shoulder at you as he happily marched in front of you. His adorably infectious smile had no effect on your tired body. Normally you would be blushing at Spark's happy grin, but now you just wanted to either sleep or smack him upside the head, whichever happened to come first.
"Please tell me why we're are out here in the middle of nowhere." You glared at your leader, a glare that went undetected as Spark continued to drag you around the area.
"Because Blanche and Candela have gyms out here, gyms that you and I will capture! That and I have an egg to hatch. I'm so close, I can feel it!" Sp
:iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 114 42
A Womanizer?~Ezio x Female!Apprentice!Reader~Pt 4
Now to clarify the above statement with a little bit more detail, this will be the last part of the A Womanizer? series, but I will still continue to write Assassin's creed fanfictions for as long as I love the franchise, which won't go away for a very long time.
So enjoy the final part of the A Womanizer? series!
You groaned in your sleep and attempted to open your eyes, only for a surge of sharp pain to force you to jolt forward and back onto the bed as you cried out in agony. You then noticed that all but your right shoulder and
:iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 65 9
Izaya Orihara x Fem!Reader~Pleasing You
I can do this, it's just a kiss....with Izaya Orihara...shit why am I doing this again? Let it be said that you were not the best at mental preparation. You knew that ever since you met Izaya that you had some form of feelings for him. However, everything and everyone was telling you that he was just bad news, period. But your curiosity was greater than your common sense, and now you had completely fallen for the infamously irritating informant.
I just have to act like I normally do, I totally got this. That was the only thing moving you forward at the moment as you grabbed the books that Izaya requested and looked back at him. He was currently looking through the chat rooms and smiling at everything that was happening. He looked up for a second and stared directly at you, examining you and flashing you a smile that made you shiver with excitement. You broke his gaze with a blush and focused back on the books, unaware of him staring at your back and smirking.
:iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 44 25
Shizuo Heiwajima x Fem!Reader~Lessons In Life
I wanted to try writing something for Shizuo since I really like him in Durarara!! so enjoy my attempt at giving the Toughest Guy in Ikebukuro some love~! Also this is the first time I'm trying this format so forgive me if it looks weird...oh well enjoy anyway~!
Love begins with a single hello.
Shizuo had no idea how to feel about you. He was happy, no, ecstatic that you didn't fear him or hate him for his uncontrollable strength and temper. If fact, that was what drew you to him all those years ago back at Raira Academy. You had just started your first year while Shizuo was in his third, and the first thing you saw on arrival was Izaya using you as a human shield from Shizuo. Shizuo was so enamored by you that he ceased his rage in an effort to get you away from the flea. An act that you greatly appreciated.
Friends are the loved ones that accept you
:iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 29 5
Ghostwriter~Loki x Fem!Teen!Novelist!Reader Part 2
This is the direct sequel to Ghostwriter, so everything picks up where it left off. And no, THERE WILL BE NO LEMONS because I suck at those and ew, thus the point of this whole fanfic.
"Loki, I know what it is that you're trying to do, so cut it out!" The young teen cried out as she grabbed the God's free hand and forced it on the arm of the chair. She was getting tired of Loki's constant advances and just wanted it to be done with. She had figured out what he was trying to do from the beginning, and she just wanted him to stop so they could finish. 
"What ever do you mean, love?" Loki smirked and turned the girl around so that she was facing him, much closer than the teen was comfortable with which produced a scarlet blush across her face.
"This, Loki! Whatever this is! Knock it off!" The girl only received a smirk as an answer from him, she narrowed her eyes and h
:iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 12 3
Natsu x Fem!Reader x Gray~Cat and Mouse
First time attempting a Fairy Tale fanfiction of any kind! So I may get the characters wrong or they might be OOC just the tiniest bit. You guys know how I roll by now so there will be swearing, very mild sexual stuff, but other than that everything is in good fun and funny as hell. So enjoy!
"(NAME)!!!" A certain pink-haired dragon slayer and ice-maker mage shouted as they entered the Fairy Tail guild hall. You busted out laughing once you saw them, you had switched both boy's entire wardrobes with that of burlesque costumes. It was payback for when they pranked you a few days ago and switched your wardrobe with embarrassing and revealing animal costumes. You had to go a whole day in a extremely skimpy dog costume. Not only that, but you just so happen to pass by your home guild of Sabertooth and both your older brother Rogue and Sting saw you, you got a whole lecture f
:iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 38 6
N x Fem!Trainer!Reader~You're Right, But... Pt.1
So I decided to write about the final N fight at the Elite Four Champion room.
Plus everyone loves this adorable revolutionist.
Enjoy this bit of Angst!
"I've got to stop him before he does something stupid!" You exclaimed as you climbed up the stairs of the Elite Four Champion's room. You were currently trying to stop N from challenging Alder. You were also racing against the clock to confess to him before he did anything reckless. Yes, you were in love with the handsome idiot known as N. You didn't realize it until he told you that he was protecting
:iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 30 8
Mature content
A Womanizer?~Ezio x Female!Apprentice!Reader~Pt 3 :iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 51 27
Shay Cormac x Fem!Reader~Amnesiac Innitiate
I'm gonna try something a little different here, hopefully it works!
You tossed and turned in your sleep. Images of your previous life flashed across your mind in quick succession as you desperately tried to silence them. Distant voices called you "traitor" and "monster" while heavy chains bound you to the mist covered ground and hot tears wet the blindfold secured around your head. Your throat burned in agony as your screams tore through whatever dark abyss you were currently in.
A new, malevolent voice quietly made it's way into your mind while heavy footsteps creaked and groaned until they stopped right in front of you. Not a moment later was the cold feeling of a blade pressed against your aching throat and a dark chuckle buried itself inside your head.
"I hope you are happy with yourself, (Name). You are now just like your idol, Shay, a traitor to the Brotherhood an
:iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 55 3
A Womanizer?~Ezio x Female!Apprentice!Reader~Pt 2
Part 2: Intelligence Gathering
You groaned as you felt the first rays of sunlight filter through the window and land right in your eyes, you would have pushed yourself into a sitting position if not for the set of arms wrapped around your waist, effectively keeping you in place. You blushed as red as an assassin's sash once you realized that the two of you were in a large plush bed and whoever was next to you didn't have a shirt on.
"ohgodohgodohgod.." You mentally panicked before you craned your neck and saw Ezio snoozing away and felt his warm breath on your face. This made you panic even more and on instinct you pushed away from him, snapping him awake and shoving yourself off the bed and onto the floor.
:iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 96 23
Haytham Kenway x Fem!Reader~Loyal And In Love
"I just don't know what to do guys. I mean, what would he think if I told him something like this?" You groaned and took a sip of your ale, you had a rather big problem on your hands, you were trying to figure out your feelings for Haytham. So you decided to consult William and John about it. You didn't dare try talking to Thomas or Charles about it, mostly because Thomas has a big mouth and would spill your secrets and Charles has a not-so-secret man crush on Haytham.
"I am sure that Master Haytham would give you no fault for something you can't control, if anything he would just politely turn you down and say that you are simply too young for him." John tried to comfort you, but was sadly failing.
"But I am his loyal bodyguard! I am supposed to protect him not fall in love with him like a doe-eyed school girl." You threw your hands up in defeat and placed your head on the wooden table where the three of you were sitting.
"If anything hopefully the two of you can still remain good fri
:iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 81 7
Edward Kenway x Fem!Reader~Annoying Pirate Captain
You always thought of yourself as living a simple life, have a decently paid job, maybe marry someone once you felt you were ready, have a few kids, and just being normal. That all changed when you had moved to Nassau and met the infamous Edward Kenway and the Jackdaw crew. Everything started out just fine, with them having a barrel of laughs while being drunk and seducing whatever women came their way and racking up an unimaginably high tab on the side. All the while you would talk to Edward and Adewale, which you honestly didn't mind at first, Adewale was a gentleman and Edward was charming, handsome, and witty. The only bad part was that Edward would constantly flirt with you, which got on your nerves very quickly.
Then you noticed that they seemed to always come to the tavern you worked at while it was your shift, so you decided to request a change in your work days, but they figured that out and came at random times just to see if you were working. Eventually Edward managed to lea
:iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 116 7
Yusuf Tazim x Fem!Reader~Trapped In Your Heart
"Aşkım(My love), please help me." 
"Good god, how the hell did you stuck up there?" Somehow your boyfriend managed to get himself tied up and suspended from the ceiling of your house.
"I was testing out one of my traps, then I accidentally triggered one and after that is a blur."
".......I worry about you a lot, Yusuf. I know you want to help stop the Templars, but this is turning into an obsession." You sighed and grabbed a couple of cushions and placed them where Yusuf was going to fall when you cut him down.
"It's not an obsession, it's a occupation." You felt your right eye twitch in annoyance at your lover's stubbornness. You smirked as an evil notion crossed your mind.
"You know, I could just leave you like that, as punishment for your own idiocy and for my amusement." You laughed as you noticed just how much he was struggling to release himself.
"I know that, but I just want to get down.......please?" Even though it was tempting to continue having him beg for help
:iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 41 5
Whether it's a random photo or a work of art, I will submit it!
Get ready for a Supernatural amount of uploads whenever I can!


Khemu by sunsetagain Khemu :iconsunsetagain:sunsetagain 214 6 Persona 5 Color Changing Icons  by ErenDragneel Persona 5 Color Changing Icons :iconerendragneel:ErenDragneel 18 3 Persona 5 Android theme! (Tutorial in the Desc.) by Ape1ron Persona 5 Android theme! (Tutorial in the Desc.) :iconape1ron:Ape1ron 16 2
Personalities and Appearances
Personalities and Their Outer Appearances
by Kathie Spitzley
“Bobby is so hyper.  He is all over the place.  It’s no wonder I can’t teach him anything!”
How many times have you heard teachers or associates making negative comments about children or other adults?  They seem to infer that by describing the child it should be obvious why the situation would seem unworkable.  Sometimes a child’s qualities are only a problem because we chose to see them that way.  In fact, what seems to be Bobby’s “problem” is often Bobby’s strength.  High energy level may someday carry him to completion on a complex task or be what fuels his championship swimming ability.  It is fun and helpful to think of positive sides of qualities that are often assumed to be problems in children.  Read the list of problems on the left
:iconkittyfelone:KittyFelone 206 14
Ignis by Hinoe-0 Ignis :iconhinoe-0:Hinoe-0 249 27 Full-dress Suits by Hinoe-0 Full-dress Suits :iconhinoe-0:Hinoe-0 375 40 Nap by Hinoe-0 Nap :iconhinoe-0:Hinoe-0 200 16 Ignis by Hinoe-0 Ignis :iconhinoe-0:Hinoe-0 477 56 Umbrella Girl but not a Doodle??? by FellyBear Umbrella Girl but not a Doodle??? :iconfellybear:FellyBear 5 3 Ignis by Hinoe-0 Ignis :iconhinoe-0:Hinoe-0 484 25 Wonder where to go today? by Hinoe-0 Wonder where to go today? :iconhinoe-0:Hinoe-0 247 13 Gladiolus and Ignis by Hinoe-0 Gladiolus and Ignis :iconhinoe-0:Hinoe-0 316 21 Shy decidueye by Rorosaur Shy decidueye :iconrorosaur:Rorosaur 8 0 Pokemon: Lillie by makaroll410 Pokemon: Lillie :iconmakaroll410:makaroll410 318 18 Hija de la luna by FellyBear Hija de la luna :iconfellybear:FellyBear 5 0
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As a statement of empowerment and artist prestige, we're pleased to reveal deviantART's official poster for Artists’ Alley at San Diego Comic-Con – designed by the exquisitely talented Artgerm!
DeviantART couldn't be more excited to sponsor Artists' Alley for the fourth year in a row.  Our aim has always been to keep focus on those who not only make the entire convention possible, but provide us with a world of entertainment across all media: the artists.
Go forth and march with your creative brethren!

Get the poster!
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:iconheidi:Heidi 666 1,572
I will favorite only If the artwork is well done, is adorable, or straight up hilarious if it's a comic.
When I favorite stories, it will be when there is a lot of humor, is about an interesting topic, or a story I am following.




screaming into the void but I really want to change my username but DA is an ass about being a core member in order to do that now so I'm shit out of luck.
And with that, us college kids are off on break.
Pray for us that we all pass our exams and thesis papers and films and all that extra crap



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

me? actually being interactive and not lurking like I've been doing for god knows how long?

the scandal.

no but seriously guys, it's been a long time since I came to talk to y'all like this.

A lot happened this weekend so I'm here to tell y'all about it.

The first thing is that I went to Columbus, Ohio for the weekend to go to Comic Con, and I met some people that I've been wanting to meet for the longest time, and I finally fucking did it.

The first is Catherine Tate. Some people will know her as Donna Noble on Doctor Who. She was really sweet and just as sassy as Donna. My mom and I went to see because we are fans and because she's my dad's favorite companion, so we had her make her autograph out to him.

The next person I met, solo I might add and I will explain in a bit, was Monica Rial. Anime fans will know her for any number of roles. Seriously just look her up on Wikipedia she has done so much. Monica was incredibly sweet and nice and also really pretty like hot damn Heart Love but anyway my favorite role of hers is Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail, so at the suggestion of her assistant, who was also super nice in taking our picture, I got a limited edition pin of Mirajane, only 100 of them will ever be made, and the number of the pin is etched into the back. Plus she gave me a business card with her social media on it so that I could subscribe because every few months they do a raffle and the winners get a bunch of cool stuff. It was so worth it.

Now for the big one. I met David Tennant. Yes, the 10th Doctor himself. I finally fucking did it. I've been waiting god knows how long to meet him, and I finally fucking did it.

I don't give a shit if it was for 10 seconds, I met him and that's all that matters, while I was wearing a Dalek costume no less! The thing that threw me off a bit was just how thick his accent was, I always thought that maybe it was played up a bit, but no. It's really thick and David is such a sweetheart he even thanked us for coming! Pink Heart Icon Faint Faint [YT Tobuscus] Inside Out Reaction Icon: Fear fainting GIF Playful Kiss: Faint Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1] Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 

So the reason I met Monica solo was because my mom and I were originally waiting in line to meet David, and we were just waiting for them to move us so I explored the convention hall for a bit and subsequently met Monica. 

I also got a bunch of cool stuff from the vendors. It was an awesome convention.


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