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Welcome ! I'm Jack Norisk, "The warrior bat with a dragon armor." 🦇🐉 Illustrator and storyboarder way too fond of fantasy and creatures. I'm very friendly, but also very discreet, I would say : like a butterfly. I like to push my limit further and further to be better than I was yesterday. Challenge is my motivation. ✨It fills me with determination.

Also creator and author of Lumescris univers. 🏰 You might not know yet what is it, but you'll soon find out. 👀

Favourite Movies
The fifth element, the mask of zorro & When Marnie was here
Favourite Books
The chronicles of Narnia, La moïra
Favourite Games
Pokemon, Stardew valley, Vlaheim
Hi there! Well you know I'm not very talkative when it comes to express myself on the internet. Still something I try to learn with the years, yeah : trying. So 2021 is almost done. And looking forward, and I'm kind of proud to where I've come with the job I've done with illustration. Still a lot of work to do to meet my objectives. Right now I'm working on how to keep doing personal artwork while doing commissions, and for the moment, it's great. It's... Kinda weird to find out your own universe again. Like someone you didn't talk to for so long... But there is the first steps. I still wonder how to interact more with people around here. I would say I more active for that on twitter if you want to. :)
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Hello everyone ! Long time I didn't post a journal over her, even though I've posted new artworks. :) I know it's been more than a year. I'm really sorry about that, I was very busy with my IRL life. I'm done with my studies, I've finished them and now I'm free! It feels really good to have such liberty now. Weekends are back, I can rest when it's the end of the day... Couldn't bear the sensation of being a student anymore, haha. I gave a lot of energy for my student movie, too much. I really didn't regret that during the production time I kept sleeping 6 hour a night MINIMUM. Hung. Really guys, take care of yourselves. Have good sleep schedules, it'll help you to work well and be fine. But in the end we made it. Our movie will be post on youtube soon I hope, so I can show it to you guys. :) But for now : Yes ! I'm back also with commissions ! Hopefully there was a great improvement in my skills during all this time. I never stopped to draw. It's just I didn't
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Well, as I expected I will no longer take commission for almost a year from now. I just started my last year of studies and we -me and my team, we are seven - have to do a short movie before 31th July 2020. I have a bit of time for myself until the end of december, but after january it'll be hard to draw outside the school, because my school will become my home. Litterally. And I'll have work to do, a lot of work, too much work... I'm just wondering if I can make it. x'D Just thinking about it gives me stress. HUUU. But I hope I could manage to draw at least some sketches when I'll have free time. I wouldn't stand six month without drawing a single frame. I also hope I can manage to go to the fauntastic 2020. I'll be some kind of hollidays, mostly since I won't attempt to do the dealer's den this year (LIKE I COULD PREPARE THINGS TO SELL AND TAKE COMMISSIONS... ! XD) and see friends there will relaxe me. So I wish my team will let me go. ;w; for the sake of my sanity ! xD So that
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Happy New Year! Wish you Great Year

Happy New Year and Merry late Christmas! oh and happy new Decade!
Happy Happy Birthday,
From all of us to you!!~
We wish it was our Birthday
So we could party too!!~
Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D 
Oh, I don't know French, but hopefully Google Translate translates this correctly XD

Vous êtes vraiment les bienvenus !! ~ ^w^
Joyeux anniversaire ! :D