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Conrol Room Tutorial.

This is an attempt at showing my process when painting some of my digital work, this one in particular had a quite a few technical elements and requirements that i felt made it’s process slightly more interesting than my usual process. I don’t plan on being too detailed in my writing about it, however I thought it might be interesting to be a little more progressive with the development of an image. 

some of the things I wanted to achieve with this painting where to establish a mood setting and visual style of an area in our game Apparatus. rather than my normal work for the game i actually wanted to bring this piece to a more polished place, my feeling being that with newer people joining the team, my vision of an area may not be quite so immediately apparent.

so I made sure I actually pulled the painting through some of the necessary stages to flesh out the design appropriately. that being initial underdrawing, grey scale, colour. Trying to finish this painting with in a reasonable time was also on my mind.


Perspective Paths: Scott Robertson go to about 15:00 and open up a whole new perspective (I’m so sorry) [link]

Apparatus: [link]
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A great, inspiring tutorial. With its 'teaching while learning' approach it offers an easier access to the matter especially for entire beginners, making it a valuable and entertaining read even for aspiring artists who haven't yet reached a skill level reasonably hoping to achieve a painting of this quality.
The sketch in the beginning serves a special need here in my opinion, which would be to show how little is already 'there' in the beginning stage.
This helps clarify the rather likely misconception of needing to have the painting readily in your mind and just having to put it down when starting the process; I've often observed beginners struggling with having the entire image ready at hand and/or trying to put that down at once. Trying this, often wanting to be able and put everything right where it belongs and perfectly detailed and lit, is a very common reason for beginners to become discouraged and give up as they realised they spent hours on something that turns out to not work.
Countering this effect like all step-by-step tuts, the insight given in your own struggle with this, but combined with what helped you solve the problem, is just part of how your thoughtful explanations really provide applicability to the execellent choice of in-progress images.

All in all it is a pleasantly composed sbs tutorial which is as educating as it is entertaining.
I found it to have very useful and accessible information on a subject that ain't the easiest to begin with and poses a threat not only to me. Interior perspective is one scary bitch, and this is a great collection of advise about how to deal with it.
Together with the specific tips on Photoshop in the tut itself, the additional ressources you provide also make it well worth the purchase of the zip file.

Outstanding work.
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wow thank you so much! really glad you found it so useful!
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Revisiting this, I read about the perspective grid and wonder: Do you know Carapace? If not, it's time for a re-write of this tutorial when you check it out! It's a great, simple and free tool for laying down perspective lines and grids.
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no i don't ill check it out, cheers! 
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Tell me how it turned out for ya! Actually, I never extensively used it so far..guess I'm still shying away from perspective wherever I can..
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What does the purchase button do? I mean, what am I paying for?
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just download it... i think thats free
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well just in case the below link will take you to the image and the right click save image as and its all yours ;)…
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hahaha ahhh i actually have no idea... i can't remember making it paid. 
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