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Dark Souls 3 Poise

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Functioning as Intended
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Last 2 panels ruin the joke. 
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Its not just Poise that is shit in Darksouls 3.

Thanks for this true words.
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well love can hit you hard.
I know that feeling
Apparently they are "fixing"/adding poise when their dlc comes out, so maybe that will make it better.
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I tried full havel armor and shield with wolf ring+2 and I still get stun locked. Seriously.
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Yeah there is simply no poise in this game. It would be a great counter to that R1 spam stunlock... Ah well, IMO it is still an awesome game!
nice use of the word rock
"Poise is working as intended"

"Working as intended"

"As intended"


Really From?
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TBH it doesn't bother me that much.
I always wear light armor to maximize my rolling speed.

Thanks for commenting! ;)
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she'll touch the darkness inside you if you call her that again
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"Poise is working as intended"
Sure, From, suure...
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Hehe! But I think the game is awesome anyway. ;)
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Why wouldn't there be a Souls game that isn't awesome?
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Yeah. I don't know why I said that.
Maybe it's because I forgot to take my ember this morning. ;)
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Wow, I get the joke, cus Poise is useless now in Dark Souls 3
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Damn, Fire Keeper got gud.
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That's because he tried to touch the darkness inside her. ;)
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