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Yeah there are alot of fandoms I'm mostly into yes I would write a part 2 to fit my others fandoms I like if there's enough space.
Well here are the fandoms I'm into.
Game Fandoms:
Fnaf,Undertale,Batim,Cuphead,Baldi's Basics,Supermario Bros,Sonic,and more.

TV Show Fandoms:
Steven Universe,The Amazing world of gumball,Teen titans,Villianous,Spongebob Squarepants,MLP friendship is magic and more.

Movie Fandoms:
Disney,Universal Studios,Tim Burton,Dreamworks,Pixar,Horror,20th century,Marvel,DC and more.

Music Fandoms:
Gorillaz,Mystery Skulls,maybe Hamilton,
And more.

Childhood Fandoms:
Carebears,Teletubbies,Tinkerbell and more.

Yeah these are the fandoms I can think of for now.
Hello Guys  was thinking of making another Au but a Holiday Au, when were the holiday for example like jack skellington from nightmare before Christmas like how he's the king of Halloween it's just like that.
 I was thinking I should be Christmas.
what holiday you want to be and i'll draw you as the holiday.
there's these holdiay's that are open!!!
Martin luther king jr day
Valentine's Day
Ground Hog Da
St Patrick's Day/taken by ToyCasnieRosemary 
Easter/taken byTrinnard 
Mother's Day
Father's Day
4th of july/Indepence Day
President's Day
Memorial Day
Veteran's Day
Halloween Day/taken by XoxInvaderLizxoX 
Day of the Dead Day/taken by whitneythesadweebo 
Thanksgiving Day 
New year's eve Day
Hanikah Day
tell me in the comment's on which holiday you want to be.
Hello I will be selling some of my art for points 10 pointsPoints but if you are a friend/watcher it will be 5 pointsPoints ,if you want to by it,you can either donate the points in my donation pool or sent it to me as a gift!!!!,but these are the only art I have for sale,and I will also be selling characters too!!!!
Bendy x Alice Angel(SOLD!) by jacinthejelloCuphead x Baroness von bon bon (for sale!) by jacinthejelloSparky the Asu sun devil by jacinthejello
These 3 of my art is for sale, remember it's 10 pointsPoints or if your a friend/watcher it's 5 pointsPoints. if you buy 2 that will be 20 pointsPoints or friend/watcher it's 10 pointsPoints. you buy all of them together it will cost 30 pointsPoints or friend/watcher it will be 15 points Points .
Hello i just wanted to ask you guys and need help because i'm making an Au of cuphead and in the Au we are the characters in cuphead.i'm cuphead/cupinthe, my friends/watchers are whitneythesadweebo is mugman,ToyCasnieRosemary is cagney carnation/casney carnation,and 198259 is sally stageplay/cyally stageplay.the genderbend versions of baroness von bon bon and cala maria are the love interest's of cupinthe and mugitney.please if you want to be in my cuphead/cupinthe au please tell me what boss you want to and i will draw you as them. if your not one of my friends or watchers you are welcome to join my Au and if your one of my friends/watchers you can join too!
Hello my friends/watchers!!!!!
i'm gonna take requests from you guys!!!! so tell me your ship or crossover in the comment section and I will draw it for you
it can be any kind of ship you like!
it can be any kind of crossover you want!!!
it can be from a games,
tv shows,movies,cartoons,ANYTHING YOU WANT ME TO DRAW!!!!!
I Think i need more watchers/friends i believe i only have 10 watchers and friends *sighs*i wish i had more my art not good enough or something???or maybe i'm too werid....idk does anybody like my art???
i just hope i'll get more watchers 
hello need to tell you that my website is finish yay!!!!!!
so here it is:
I'm gonna make my on website and my mom helping me with it, i'm making my own webite on weebly so you guys can see my art too and contact me threw my email address also gonna enter my BATIM fanart contest for chapter 4!!!!!!!!so wish me luck and my website will be coming soon!!!!!!!!