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All old fan-games + source files available by jach-marsdonpony All old fan-games + source files available :iconjach-marsdonpony:jach-marsdonpony 1 1 Ruby Nox by jach-marsdonpony Ruby Nox :iconjach-marsdonpony:jach-marsdonpony 14 10 Older Misbegotten by jach-marsdonpony Older Misbegotten :iconjach-marsdonpony:jach-marsdonpony 7 1 Ruby and Iris by jach-marsdonpony Ruby and Iris :iconjach-marsdonpony:jach-marsdonpony 16 1 Misery loves slideshows by jach-marsdonpony Misery loves slideshows :iconjach-marsdonpony:jach-marsdonpony 19 1 ruby gloom + super meat boy by jach-marsdonpony ruby gloom + super meat boy :iconjach-marsdonpony:jach-marsdonpony 10 1 Adorable detective ruby by jach-marsdonpony Adorable detective ruby :iconjach-marsdonpony:jach-marsdonpony 9 1 veil-less Misery by jach-marsdonpony veil-less Misery :iconjach-marsdonpony:jach-marsdonpony 28 4 It's been a long time... by jach-marsdonpony It's been a long time... :iconjach-marsdonpony:jach-marsdonpony 14 3 Ruby Marston by jach-marsdonpony Ruby Marston :iconjach-marsdonpony:jach-marsdonpony 11 2 Twilight's library by jach-marsdonpony Twilight's library :iconjach-marsdonpony:jach-marsdonpony 32 7 LUFTRAUSERS woman by jach-marsdonpony LUFTRAUSERS woman :iconjach-marsdonpony:jach-marsdonpony 3 0 Iris by jach-marsdonpony Iris :iconjach-marsdonpony:jach-marsdonpony 22 2 Marceline by jach-marsdonpony Marceline :iconjach-marsdonpony:jach-marsdonpony 17 0 Lady Rainicorn by jach-marsdonpony Lady Rainicorn :iconjach-marsdonpony:jach-marsdonpony 4 0 Marceline by jach-marsdonpony Marceline :iconjach-marsdonpony:jach-marsdonpony 9 0


'Cra' for Wakfu by xa-xa-xa 'Cra' for Wakfu :iconxa-xa-xa:xa-xa-xa 7,389 292 K A R A T E R A U S E R by AuraHACK K A R A T E R A U S E R :iconaurahack:AuraHACK 231 13 Ruby playin ball by empty-10 Ruby playin ball :iconempty-10:empty-10 129 11 E.T. by dctuck E.T. :icondctuck:dctuck 4 0 NEARLY_Ruby Gloom Fonts_ by Chrischan89 NEARLY_Ruby Gloom Fonts_ :iconchrischan89:Chrischan89 9 10 Funnyman Scaredy Bat by poecillia-gracilis19 Funnyman Scaredy Bat :iconpoecillia-gracilis19:poecillia-gracilis19 11 2 Ruby Gloom and Emilia by empty-10 Ruby Gloom and Emilia :iconempty-10:empty-10 180 20 Ruby Gloom by Furboz Ruby Gloom :iconfurboz:Furboz 86 54 MLP : beginning by AquaGalaxy MLP : beginning :iconaquagalaxy:AquaGalaxy 1,584 51 Cubo de vidrio cn emision by lucman99 Cubo de vidrio cn emision :iconlucman99:lucman99 2 0 Sombras return by Bingk Sombras return :iconbingk:Bingk 297 155 Oh No by LA-ndy Oh No :iconla-ndy:LA-ndy 55 3 'Horsepower' by DimFann 'Horsepower' :icondimfann:DimFann 1,104 179 Silly Hats Only by Foxy-Noxy Silly Hats Only :iconfoxy-noxy:Foxy-Noxy 2,082 287 Teatime with Ruby by empty-10 Teatime with Ruby :iconempty-10:empty-10 167 22 Ruby Gloom Chinese New Year 2014 by empty-10 Ruby Gloom Chinese New Year 2014 :iconempty-10:empty-10 120 13


All old fan-games + source files available
I've long since stopped working on fan games, and I noticed that many of my old download links are dead.

So here's one huge download that contains all of my old fan-games, including some un-released content.
You can also find ALL of the source files and assets used to make these games.
Most games are blender projects, and some of the newer ones are unity projects.

Though I may have moved on, these games are an important part of my past game-development history, and it would a shame to loose them forever.
Feel free to do whatever you wish with these source files.

Thanks, and enjoy:

just a little bit of news.
at the moment the RG game is a bit of a low priority, but i will still finish the game, it's only a matter of time.
Fasfaw by jach-marsdonpony

now first off, the RG game is now called 'Gloomermancer'.
along with that comes a pretty major change to the games concept.
now instead of fighting with weapons (swords and such) ruby will be fighting with magic.
well actually science, not magic. a powerful mix of force and machine that skullboy thought up.
although it behaves very similar to your common every day magic.

this little change will mean that combat will be much more varied an imaginative that what it would have been.
also much *cough* easier *cough* for me to create 3d asset wise...
also there will be lots more pretty colours, lots more.

  • Listening to: French audio CDs my god
  • Reading: c# code
  • Watching: wakfu
  • Playing: bulletstorm
  • Eating: 2 minute noodles
  • Drinking: coffee


jach-marsdonpony's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
New Zealand
Alas, this profile is long, long dead.
It sure was fun making ruby gloom art (and even further back, pony art) but as time goes on and people grow older ive since moved on to new things.

Let this account remain as a history of all the art and games i made back in the day.


some of the games ive made in the past are:

-The Unknown (first real game i ever made, the start of a long career)
-Luna Wander (still my bae, may even make a non-pony game like this one day...)
-A World You Should Not Know (i kind of liked this one, despite the awful gameplay)
-Luna's letter (holy shit people hated this one)
-No guns in canterlot (someone has all the files to this, god knows where or what it is now)
-that ruby gloom game (it pains me that this never got completed, it has solid art. what a shame)
-and many more tiny ones, many shit, many bazaar, but all beautiful in their own way.

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Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018
Happy Birthday.
Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017
Happy Birthday!
Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015
Happy Birthday!
NavyBr0wnie Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015
Well this is saddening, no ones wished you a happy birthday :/

Well, happy birthday mate cake!
ScarletMarine Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Student General Artist
So yer leavin' the Fandom?
jach-marsdonpony Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
not in such a sudden way.
i'm not going to officially leave or anything, just spend less time doing pony stuff.
Phuderoso Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Also I created this background for your game:

"What happens after death? In some cultures, they say after death your soul separates from your body and is sent to an empty blue room, in where you gaze on a passage that leads to a door made of light, many dead people fears what lies beyond this portal and choose to live eternity in this safety of this emptiness alone. When you go through this portal you already knew that would be judgment day and destined for somewhere else, but just if you did not want to face the truth. The destination that you have will depend on your sins in the previous reality of life. What is hell for you? What is death, or paradise? That was it what you expected? Perhaps the sense of sadistic humor someone more powerful than you have created as an alternate reality for your eternal suffer in agony and loneliness while being pursued by bizarre creatures that once you have known as innocent characters in a cartoon as you were still alive. When I repeat once again that many dead people feared WHAT exist after this portal and choose to live eternity in the safety of this empty room abdicating the risk of being sent to a worse place , what will be your choice?"
jach-marsdonpony Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ha, that's quite interesting.
and goth, very goth.

thanks man.
aye and i watched that video, i guess the game is quite punishing haha.
the last two characters (AJ and rarity) are difficult as hell.
Phuderoso Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome! Thank you for the feed back. I am really happy you liked this creepy goth fic I have made for your game! :)) It is like, I felt really in hell during my tries of it... lol!

Also, plese make you next game
less impossible, thanks, brohoof!
Phuderoso Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I found a video of someone who could complete your
game, I know you was wandering about, so here we go.…
poecillia-gracilis19 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks for the fave!
jach-marsdonpony Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
your welcome :D
Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
Oi, what say you make another Ruby Gloom fan game, with some of my ideas?
jach-marsdonpony Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
unfortunately, your idea's aren't exactly oriented towards video games.
very few people would want to play a game about house work.

and my hands are full enough as it is... although feel free to go make something yourself.
Djjacob1954 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014
The triplets try to save their relatives from the evil forces from Demora.
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