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JacekPan's Profile Picture
I am multipurpose man, formerly educated as high-seas navigator ;), working as deck officer on vessels and oil rigs. As young man I learned drawing and painting. Most favourite technique was always pastels. In 90's I met Adobe, Corel, and 3D software. Since '99 I work as graphic designer for advertising business. My main activity for now and here will be Poser Pro's figures rendered by Octane (sometimes Luxrender). Sometimes corrected in photoshop. This part I treat rather as kind of hobby.
I was absent for last two months here and what was my surprise when I checked the number of visitors of my previous Journal entry.
Devious Journal Entry - 309 visitors
Next I checked the visitors of my images (since end of September 2017)
Miss Sally Bowles by JacekPan September 25th - 138 visitors, next 130,
through this below
Do You Like Our Owl? by JacekPan October 22nd - 188 visitors, next 107, 70,
or this:
From Haze, Mist And Fog by JacekPan December 4th - 148 visitors, next 76, 115, 142, 205 (naked gal), 43, 98, 73, 128, 57
ending with this:
Moi Lolita by JacekPan April 7th2017 with 66 visitors (today ZERO, journal entry 3 ! today)

Notice, I don't compare these numbers with other artists, I know what are worth my images. I compare with simple text, stupid joke...
I just wonder what is the sense to put here fruit of many hours of work if short text is "selling itself" much, much better :).
I remember at the end of life of genial polish writer Stanislaw Lem, he just stopped to write novels or stories, one of his last book was a set of summaries his never written novels... He just didn't want to waste his time.
Do not understand me improperly, I am not even an half of a promile of Mr. Lem, but I think I will describe in few words my concepts of images^^.
Am I right? Or right is rather our Friend Warranty4 ?


Two Days In Paradise
Today something different. Two Polish stars of '30 movies: Helena Grossówna and Eugeniusz Bodo. Two beauty and talented people, two tragic and interesting lives. During Second World War Helena Grossówna was a commander of women's battalion "Falcon" also fighted against Nazis during Warsaw Uprising in August-September '44. Mrs. H. Grossówna died in Warsaw in 1994.
So, if You look for women's hero for DAZ Studio or Poser, You got ready character and inspiration:).

Eugeniusz Bodo was one of the best Polish actors of prewar period. Catched by Soviets and sent to the camp. Soviets didn't release him because of his double citizenship (second was Swiss - yes!) and they treat him as a spy. He died of hunger and exhaustion in October 1943.
About comedy "Two Days In Paradise"... movie was lost during the war, like many, many of our Polish goods of culture.

Photography and all rights belongs to Filmoteka Narodowa - Polish National Film Library.

Thank You for attention and stopping.
Ignacy Jan Paderewski
Hi gals and guys. Another very important person for Poland (and not only) was Ignacy Jan Paderewski, famous pianist, composer and... politician these times. He is next father of our independence. He visited many times US of America and thanks him Mr. President Woodrow Wilson put in his own plan the point of regaining the independence for Poland. And yes, this the reason why we respect very much President Wilson :).
How important was Ignacy J. Paderewski? He was on special black list as an enemy of nazis Germany.
Here the link to his famous menuet in G-Major

Source of this Photo - National Digital Archive of Poland. Photo made by Atelier Hartsook Photo, San Francisco or Los Angeles between 1915-1920.
Thank You for Your attention and stopping.
Marshal Jozef Pilsudski
Marshal Józef Piłsudski was one of three main authors of regaining indepence by Poland 100 years ago. Because of this anniversary I decided to colour one of Marshal Pilsudski's photo, found by Google.
The Last Elephant
"Dear Donald!
I am so happy you stayed in Brussels this summer. Imagine, yestarday we met the last elephant in the world! I touched his tusk (at least I tried) and I felt his warm and delecate trunk between my thighs. It was so funny Donald! Can you imagine this?
Ah, and one more this is probably my last message to you, I decided to stay in India with these friendly people and last elephant.
Hugs - Basia"
Meet my new model - Basia, based on Victoria 4.2. She is very funny and I hope You will like her. Any resemblance to anyone is purely coincidental ;-).
Thank You for stopping, attention and favs (lol).
Home Sweet Home
We, men, are from Mars (as knows every educated human in Space). There is a reminiscent from time, when we were free and happy (just before discovering planet Venus).
With male hugs and kisses - author.

Yeah, Poser made, heh what a software... ^^.


This time I had to force Mr. Pygmalion Faust to make available a critique window. What is significant Mr. Pygmy said very humbly: "ther...

Use dForce or not to use, this is the question... Poor Yorick, young friend of Minnie, whose lips touched so often her... lips. Finally...

Today Critique in non-typical form, This is just my respectful expression for Art of PygFaust: "- What a pleasure to see you again! - s...

What I have to say at the beginning, it is not easy to write critique (how the author demands) when You meet so moving and sad subject,...


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