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Just that. AnimeFest is over for this year. As usual I had fun and very much enjoyed seeing everyone and getting to catch up with friends.  AFest was a very chill con this year, the most drama we had were a few instances with other hotel guests that were there for a reunion or football game.

    This year's attitude towards the cosplayers was much more respectful than last years and it was greatly appreciated! There was more space, since the venue had changed, so there was less jostling and bumping into cosplayers. Another thing that was a blessing. Though from what I heard Afest had quite a bit turn out compared to previous years, but the new space helped a lot!

    I actually ended up going to several panels this year as well. I gave up on panels years ago, since the content had gotten redundant and the quality was seemingly declining. However, this year they had some interesting guests like Robert Axelrod (Lord Zedd), and BlindSquirrel Props, both of which I made a point to see. Learned some interesting things from the props and some other panels were very helpful with building bodysuits and sewing stretchy fabrics. Which looks like I'll need all the help I can get for the upcoming set of cosplays for next year.
The Japanese guests were quite a few and very well know names, though I can't really remember right now who exactly.  But that's the one redeeming quality Afest has always had, was to get amazing Japanese guests.

    I cosplayed Jane Porter from Disney's Tarzan, which was so much fun!! Next time I'm in that outfit I promised myself that I'll try really hard to stay in character for it. I felt super self conscious about it and when people came up to talk to me, I clamed up and got all shy. WHy??! I kept getting asked where was my Tarzan though. lol. I think most people wanted to see a ripped guy walking around in a loin cloth. I wish there was a Tarzan or even a Terk! Honestly though I felt like a Disney park character with all of the waving I did.

    Everyone kept pointing and shouting "Look it's Jane!! Jane!" I didn't want to be rude and ignore them, so I smiled and waved. Should have done monkey impressions! I did get mistaken for being Belle though quite a few times, especially when I was sitting on the table in the Artist Alley. I guess the dress looked like Belle's sitting down. I had the sweetest little girl come up to me and shyly ask if I was Belle! I was so sad that I wasn't! But she said she knew Jane too and if she could have a picture. Too Cute!! XD I think I gave the people I was with a tooth ache.

    I did cosplay Chang Wufei! yay!! love for the Gundam Wing boys! I had helmet hair with Wufei's wig and pant flap performance issues, but it was all fun! Thank goodness for the coat! I wore the white long coat, since I don't have cut arms like Wufei and it was too cover up other parts. I ended up cosplaying with :iconfyregothchylde: as Trowa :iconvelours-requiem: as Quatre :iconsu-wan: and as Duo! It was fun and we did a small photoshoot with Mike Boike. I really need to get over feeling all awkward and clumsy in shoots. I always feel like I'm making a derp face.  I'm really glad I got to cosplay with others on this! It really makes me so happy.

    I also ended up cosplaying Nicolas Brown from a obscure manga called Gangsta. Though I was the younger version....with the wrong coat....and had mullet hair! I didn't realize how long the back of the wig was until we looked at the pics and it was mini mullet time! But :iconrinkara: was a young preppy Worick! We did a photoshoot of this too, and it was fun and I did make derpy faces in this one for sure! I know cause I saw them! lol.

   I didn't take many photos this year, so I don't have much to post. And everything of myself it going to have to come from other people. I do realize though that I need to start getting better photos of my cosplays. I really wanna get better photos of my Jane cosplay or even do a shoot for it.

    There are plans for new cosplays for the upcoming year! There are a few that I'm debating and some that I'm excited about that I never really planned on till Afest and talking to other amazing cosplayers! But it does get me excited again about cosplaying and about cons.

So all in all it was fun and maybe it won't be another year till I post? lol.

You can catch me on:
twitter- jac_liveit
tumblr- jaccosplay (I'm trying to use it more instead of being a troll)
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