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Compassion Steady Gazing

By JabLab
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awesome gallery as a whole!!
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Thank you Kate. :)
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thank you Victor :)
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Only a slight resemblance.
It started out as a self portrait and became something else. :)

Part of what I do when I am not making images.
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hmmmm, I think I need this.
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Great portrait!! The touches of colors are cool! I see a silhouette from the back and a black face!
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Quite a portrait of your many selves! I saw the 3 big faces (clean-shaven, bearded, suspicious) first, then the smaller ones (screaming, anxious, paranoid), then the burnt corpse and the demon, and then the animals. It's quite amazing.

There's a Buddhist meditation exercise called the "mirror meditation" in which one looks at one's face in the mirror until, slowly, one sees all of ones moods, then relatives, then people, and then animals, demons, and all sentient creatures. (Sort of what Hesse tries to show Govinda seeing at the end of "Siddhartha.") That's a mirror exercise, but what you've done here is an image that allows the viewer to see all of that in a NONreflection. Which makes me think, after all, that it IS a reflection....

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You are a wise cameraman. :)
How do you combine photography and taoism?
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I came back to photography only about 3 months ago after about 25 years. (I used to run the community darkroom when I was in college, but then gave up photography for writing.) Recently, I took a class with Michael Sibilia so that my daughter (13 years old) could take it also (she's home schooled). Sibilia started the class with a qigong exercise, and after the first hour, I realized he was teaching Taoist principles!

I teach a course called Great Books of Asia (Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism), and I come from a syncretic Korean background (Shamanism, Taoism, Buddhism), so I decided to do this project as a way to show my students they could do something more interesting than just a research paper. (I happen to be in Creative Writing, but I have academic training in Cultural Anthropology and the history of Science.)

Anyway, now I am "hooked" as they say. I signed on with dA and realized that I could use the viewing of photos and art as part of my practice. That is what I am doing now (as you can see from how I comment on most of the pieces I fave). I am slowly trying to figure out a tao (little T) of this process and how it fits with the big Tao.

I noticed you have references to compassion, mindfulness, and qigong in your own work (and much of your painting reminds me of Zen painting). This is part of your dharmic/karmic work?
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My background is diverse. I started as a image maker. I then became a physiotherapist specializing in body-mind training. Today I combine qigong and yoga practice with image making. I work mostly with groups. I believe we need to use the power that is generated in creative activities to build a more human and loving society.
We need to enjoy and give thanks. Thank you, must be the most frequent message in Deviantart. And smiles. :)
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It is yourself.. I think. goes great with your avatar.
It has less smile than the avatar yet has a very positive radiance. Different glasses too? No glasses?

I love the subtle yellow and red pattern.. :)
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(frowns one brow) is there a hint of Panda bear in it?
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you are very observant :)
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is that a yes? maybe a panda hinted at?
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not intended when I created the painting,
you made me see the panda connection,
I like it :)
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