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AnimeFest 2015 starts, technically, on Friday.

Which, as staff, means I start tomorrow.

I'm working IT. For an anime convention. Again.

God help me.

See y'all on Tuesday.

(Just kidding, I'll be on dA before then. Pfft.)
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So, because I'm working on setting up a professional website and the like (whee!), I'm going through and cleaning up a lot of old art. Mostly getting rid of some of my truly terrible fanart.

...What on earth was I thinking with some of that? God.

Anyway, so, if favorites disappear, that's why. I'm also going to clean up my favorites, but that's a whoooooole other mess.
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Look, ma, I'm back!

I updated my interests, I changed my avatar (so I photoshopped Zayn Malik into Terezi glasses and horns, nobody can judge me okay), I uploaded a shit ton of stuff...

I finally cleaned this place up, too. Hi, guys! Missed y'all. Well, some of you I still see on facebook once in a blue moon, but as for the rest of you: 'sup?

During my dA hiatus, I got a tumblr, found a few new friends, lost the new friends, quit that tumblr, started a new one, and here we are, two years after that event. Oh, and I got dragged into American Idol. (I'm kind of sorry. Little bit.) (In my defense, it wasn't my fault.) (Also in my defense, it's a lot of fun to make fun of people. And by people I mean David Cook, because his hair is ridiculous.)

That is the quick and dirty summation of what I've been up to in the last... while.

Anyway, hi! Anybody watch Sleepy Hollow's first season? Oh, and anybody watching The Musketeers? Because daaaaaamn.
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