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So I was thinking earlier today about how Team Skull might be incorporated into the TCG. Two generations ago, Team Plasma had a huge impact on the game, introducing an engine that rivaled SP for one of the most consistent of its time. Just recently, though, Team Flare was introduced in a series of ... five cards?! And of those five, only two truly had the Team Flare feel in the style of the card––Head Ringer and Jamming Net, with largely red blanks. The other three (Battle Compressor, Robo Substitute, and Target Whistle) were what could pass for normal cards, except for a tacked-on "F" symbol on the art and the words "Team Flare Gear" appended to the name.

How might Team Skull be introduced, and how would it affect the game? 

Of course, I have no idea. I went with an approach similar to the Plasma designs from back in those days; cards that could act with each other to form an engine of sorts. The blank, too, is visually very similar to the Plasma blanks, except that these use a dark grey color with yellow highlights, instead of blue with light grey.

The first of these cards depicts Type: Null, newly revealed and the first time I've ever actually disliked a Pokémon. :/ That said, though, I tried to do its crazy design some justice with this card. A huge thanks to PikaMasterJesi for the card text. :D

The second of the cards, Guzma's Ambition, is the first Full Art Supporter card I've ever attempted. Please be sure to let me know what you think of it below. :)

Other thanks go to––

All0412 for the brilliant Type: Null art.
aschefield101 for the original Colorless Basic Pokémon blank, which was then modified by me to fit the Team Skull motif.
paulsnoops for the original FA Supporter blank, again modified by me.

Please don't use this piece without my permission.
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could you share your blanks? :D