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Aether Reshiram-EX and Skull Zekrom-EX



I ended up making Aether Foundation-inspired blanks for @quakingpunch73's set over on PokéBeach, and I figured it was time to give 'em a go myself. Now, I happen to really really like the Gen V legends, so I went ahead and made two cards out of them; one to show off the Aether blanks and one for the Skull ones. Interestingly enough, all the shiny EX-effects for these two can be found by cutting parts out of existing official Pokémon wallpapers.

Thanks to aschefield101 for the base blanks! ^.^

Update (10/31): Made Aether symbol a bit darker and more visible; darkened one of Reshiram's golden "whooshes" to make (c)2016 Pokémon copyright more visible.

Please don't use this without my permission.
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where did you got those 3D legenderies did you made em yoursefl