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Weather Icon Set

The internet is great, we all know that by now. You can just about find anything you can think of but when your on a tight deadline and hope that you can make your life easy by downloading icon's from all the trusted resources that you have on speed-tab and realise that there is NOTHING out there that your looking for but allot of all the wrong things you really don't want right now, then you start to wonder if there is a god and why did you say yes to creating realistic icons in one evening?! So we learn...

So now I have decided to spare someone else the pain and upload these icons here so that when you ever look for pretty weather icon's on a tight deadline and don't have the budget to buy them from iStockphoto or Shutter-stock, your welcome to use these.

I designed them to fit WunderGround's API ([link]) and naming convention. They all png's at 540x540px. I did not do the night weather icons, that you can do yourself :)

Feel free to use and abuse them as you like but remember someone did sit and take time to design them for you so be nice and pay some respect when used.
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Hello, very nice icons. Are they free for commercial use? (No resale)
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I wanted you to know that I used the sleet icon to make my avatar (which you can see beside me). I see that you have given the rights to do whatever you want, but I just wanted to make sure that was okay with you (and if you have a paypal, I'd like to buy you a coffee).
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Thanks for letting me know, that's really awesome of you.
Its not necessary to pay or buy me anything but I do love me some coffee 
This is my paypal 

Your Avatar looks GREAT btw :)
Thank you for sharing, I like it very much! Any chance to have a moon icon and a moon with clouds?
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Hi :)
Glad you like it. I do not have a moon icon but I can do one for you  (and cloud) and include it to the pack. 
Will be on it soon and just send you a message once i did it. 
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