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November 28, 2021
God and Religion by JA-ThePoet
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Looking at a question that sparks some interest

God and Religion, is there a difference

People tend to think they are one of the same

Same idea same beliefs, just using different names

Well if you want the answer, this is not true

There are many facts that separate the two

First, there is only one true God

Anything else is just a fraud

He is the almighty, creator of life

From Heaven to earth, to trees to wildlife

Now there are many forms of religion

Some are different but have the same mission

They want to praise and serve the Almighty

Obeying his word and preaching to thee

Spreading the love of God and his wisdom

Now this seems like a pretty nice system

This is how to live, it’s pure and awesome

But hold up, there’s a major problem

Despite spreading the word of God and love

Religion was not made by God above

It was man who established these rules and laws

Unlike God, humanity carries some flaws

Man can be manipulated by the devil

He can get anyone no matter their level

The sneaky serpent is stirring us away

Deceiving us into following his way

Priests, Monks, Rabbis, Nuns, Evangelists, and Friars

Tempted to focus more on sinful desires

Abuse, Scandals, Hoaxes, Violence, Bribery

The Devil has invaded the Ministry

Now most religions don’t share this desire

However, they use the lord to gain power

They abuse their roles to control their peers

Telling them how to think, feel, and appear

Twisting God’s words to judgment, hatred, and insult.

The religion turns into a prejudiced cult

Man’s faults and temptations cripple religion

They are losing the purpose of their mission

Religion should focus on connecting with God

Not making false morals and selling fraud

If they want to understand God’s picture

Then read and study the holy scripture

Learn from the Bible, every chapter and verse

It’s like finding the key to the universe

There is information for the elders and youth

Reading this book will help you understand the truth

No one can judge and say who can go to heaven

The reason is in John Chapter 8 verse 7

From the words from the man on the right of God’s throne

“Who is without sin be the first to throw a stone”

Every single person has committed a sin

So don’t judge and shame others, or satan will win

Look at Proverbs 3:5 for an important reading

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

Religion tries to listen and obey God’s word

But over the years, it’s clear that it’s all misheard

This revelation has revealed an ugly truth

God doesn’t need religion to talk to his youth

A spiritual connection, just God and you

Obey his word, like in Matthew 22

“Love the Lord your God” and “love your neighbor”

Helping each other, love first judge later

God’s love is bigger than any religion

Have faith in him and live life in his vision

Don’t live your life as a tool of man

Be an instrument of the Great I Am

This is my entry to :iconthemysterywriter: contest.
© 2021 - 2022 JA-ThePoet
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And after today's sermon...pass the collection plate.

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This isn't super creative or rhythmic writing, honestly, and also it's not very 'subtle'. "There is a god, and only one god" - that's so off-putting. Especially since theres valid proof? So why be so cocky about it? All evidence points to there absolutely NOT being a god, ESPECIALLY not the highly specific one you chose. So like. Yeah, why would you sound like such an ahhhole about it? You don't got anything to validate that. But more importantly, your religion is only valid if it respects others' rights and choices. This is key, and something you should really internalize, since it sounds like you're really invested in your beliefs. This is something many super-religious do not grasp, whether they outright say it or not. Just remember as you go forward - lgbtq+ deserve rights, people with disabilities deserve rights, nuerodivergent people deserve rights, BIPOC deserve rights, women deserve rights. Many oppressive, objectifying systems are built on the values of Abrahamic religions. In ALL countries, we deserve access to SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE education, sex-ed, birth control, universal health care, clean water and secular social services. And any law that uses religious reasoning anywhere up the line is not a law that i am obliged to follow. Tell your congregation about this!! :)

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omg are you ok?

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Hello Friend,

My parting gift to you:

Your words are telling the rest of us

More about your heart

And where it is at

Than it is about the poetry,




Human Rights,



As you claim to want,

Will always elude you,

If deep down inside,

Your heart doesn't actually want to see it;

Science has told us about how "Confirming Bias" works,

Not just for the religious.

If my own life is not "proof" enough

That there is a God

And He gave me Jesus Christ

Because He Loves me,

And Jesus is the One

Who changes me inside

Even as I continue to struggle

And wrestle

(I'm coming to like wrestling,

The more I do it and discover new

Things I didn't know or understand before)

With what it is

And is not

To be Human,

And what it is

And is not

To follow Jesus,

Contrary to what our man-made religion has said

And forced us to believe,

If simply the transition I went through,

From the time I first commented,

To now,

Is not "proof" enough for you,

Especially in the thread

Of us talking,

Where I found myself moving from Fear to Love,

And I now feel my heart burning

Not with Fear,

But with Conviction

For the Rock I stand on,

Because He showed me once again,

He is Trustworthy and Good;

Safe for me to stand on


Not allowing myself to be shaken,

Because that is His Love sustaining me,

And He Himself welcomes

My testing of the spirits,

Or scientific facts

Of all things

Over just leaping in

To obey blindly

Like one manipulated and brainwashed

Contrary to what I thought and felt before,

When I lost my way

For a bit?

After all the fears,

The doubts and the questions,

My own shame and inadequacy,

And just plain,

All-around confusion,

Do you not realize you yourself are being part of the oppression,

By saying "Keep your religion out of this;

It's done too much harm!

So don't talk about it!"?

Are you really after human rights,

If the one condition you're setting

For us all

Is "No religion"?

What then do you do with Spirituality?

Those who are glad to express their Spirituality,

Away from religion's traumatizing effect on humanity,

Who sing praises to a God they believe in

Who express their hearts genuinely

In whatever way their hearts flow out;

Out loud for all to hear

But not caring whose listening,

Because it is the Bird in the tree

Singing for the sheer Joy

And gratitude of Life and Love;

How will you know the difference between the Religion that's caused so much harm

And the Spirituality that is making so many of us sing

And come to the Light,

Day by day?

In the middle of the Night?

Are you going to police us

On the premise of "No religion!"

Citing the harm it's doing

While you pick and choose

Which rights you will abide by

And which rights,

Including the one to be part of a religion by choice,

You will squash?

Nobody deserves to be oppressed.

Nobody has the right to oppress

To stop the effects of oppression,


Our squabbles would cease

If we stopped bantering with words and everything we have to banter with,

Like Religion,

Our human history,


The walks of life we come from,

Language, literal and figuratively,

And everything we humans understand or think about

At this present moment,

And simplified it to ONE THING,

God or No God.


What does Love tell each and every one of us to do?

In your very own heart,

What is Love,

According to your personal understanding,

And what does it look like to you?

What does it make you feel inside

In order to prove to you

That this is the Real Deal,

Truer than true?

And I'm asking

What does Unconditional Love

Look like to you?

Not what my God or Religion at large says it looks like.

What does Unconditional Love look and feel like,

According to you?

Answer that for yourself

And not me;

I already have an answer

I am happy with

And satisfied to keep,

And I'm already looking forward to

The next wrestling match

I have with myself

And matters like these

That will teach me

Not just more things about Jesus,

But more things about Myself,

That I didn't already know before.

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I'm grateful for your definition of Unconditional Love;

And you pointing out what it Does Not look like. :3

I believe now I can clarify this matter about God:

No our God is not actually offering that.

What He is offering us,

Is the gift of being able to make choices.

I will use an analogy:

A puppy.

We are free to make a choice

In one of two ways:

Love that puppy

With hugs and cuddles

Taking the puppy out for walks

And ensuring its health and wellbeing

Or kick that puppy

With our foot,

Yell hurtful words at it

And abuse it in whatever ways we think of

For "fun" and "pleasure",

As awful as that sounds,

Or simply because we have anger / rage issues

That haven't yet been resolved,

Our hurts from Life and other humans.


When I say both choices are "valid",

I strictly mean that in the sense

That we are 100% capable

Of choosing either one.


There's one that is "right"

And one that is "wrong" here.

But this is the freedom God Himself gave us:

Making choices,

And being creatures of Free Will

Who are indeed capable of choosing Evil,

And making mistakes,

Because we humans are fallible,

Flawed creatures;

Otherwise this would be a world of automata,

And us being incapable of thinking,


And choosing for ourselves;

A perfection free of evil capabilities

But now we're more like puppets or robots,

Who don't know what it is to be Loved and Accepted,

Even when we mess up BAD,

Accidentally or deliberately.

Every choice we ever make

Comes with consequences, though.

Choosing to love the puppy might come with the consequence

Of committing to emergency vet needs

That are costly

Or not traveling the globe as much,

If our puppy isn't that great with traveling.

Choosing to abuse the puppy

Also comes with consequences;

Dark ones

That are punishments in themselves;

We don't need a God to threaten us with punishment

When we simply have the consequences from our choice-making

To bear.

Hell is not for like,

The murderers,


Other crime-doers I won't put into words purposely

Due to the sexual nature of them

(I'll imply it instead);

Based on that they did the crime in the first place;

Instead of Doing Good

Like they "should have";

Even a murderer and sexual assaulter

Can go to heaven

And be accepted by God Himself

If they realize the harm they did

To themselves as much as others

And are sorry for it;

Wanting to make a different choice...

This is Confession,


And Forgiveness in action.

Luke 15:10 NIV:

In the same way I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God

Over one sinner who repents.

The story of the Prodigal Son

Is one that shows how happy the Father was (God)

When his son came back;

He'd done some pretty foolish things

That son had,

And he knew it,

Hence telling his father to treat him more like a servant from now on instead.

But he was met with his father's Love, Forgiveness and Acceptance

Instead of angry words, punishment, and rejection. :3

God Himself

Doesn't actually WANT us going to Hell;

Hence Jesus our Savior,

Dying on a form of torture we'd invented

In our darkness and evil of mind,

To showcase how much God loves us;

Enough to come down into the darkness and evil


And bring us Light;

A Rescue.

It is we humans

Making choices,

Telling God Himself

If we want Him or not.

Someone once explained it to me,

That Hell is the place devoid of gifts

Like Love, Light, Air, Beauty, Flowers, Mercy;

It's boiling down to us saying No

To these gifts,

Over Yes.

I hope this gave some clarity. ^_^

I thought that God was a "Love me or burn forever" deal


Once upon a time,

And likewise said "No thanks".

I don't think anybody wants a relationship

With an abuser;

Human ones are bad enough;

We don't need a Cosmic one.

Until I experienced differently for myself,

Saw the Truth

In live-action,

Tasted and saw for myself

God is actually Good;

I had Him all confused and was mistaken

In my own understanding of things. :3

Beautifully said. 🙂

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I think you really told it from the heart. Peace be with you, always.

JA-ThePoet's avatar

Thank you, God bless you.

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Congratulations on the DD!

JA-ThePoet's avatar

Thank you very much.

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I am embarrassed for you.

dA is not supposed to be about judging someone's content, but most people have enough sense to not rehash specious drivel about longing for blatant unaccountably in repeated attempts to rule the world again. face it. the dark ages are gone.

as for the technical aspects of your work, quite frankly, this reads like you are in, maybe, 9th grade, arguing with members of the opposing football team (our team's great, yours sucks!). while you do manage to rhyme, this is not prerequisite for poetry. natural, flowing language and a sense of timing are, but you have neither.

yes, this is harsh, but I'm not one to offer the glad-hand to people just because they have strung words together, or I personally agree with their content (like many of the comments here)


JA-ThePoet's avatar

I am aiming to get better at poetry, and I actually wrote this for a contest a friend of mine is hosting. I will say I want the message of the poem to be heard.

maxnort's avatar

first, stop trying to rhyme

you listen to music? I know you do, I looked at your profile. but what band?

JA-ThePoet's avatar

Country music, plus I like rhyming poems.

maxnort's avatar

well, rhyme is a hard thing to do correctly. I used to try it, but had to stop. Country Music won't get you far in rhythm. it's as bad as modern rock and pop. jazz and blues are better, but I'm not about to tell you what music to listen to. that's up to you

think you can stop trying to intentionally rhyme for a while? try it. and read a little shakespeare. look up "iambic pentameter" and try to read shakespeare with that rhythm pattern.

my point isn't that you have to quit what you're trying to do and do this instead, but more that in order to do one thing, you need to understand other things. rhyme involves other elements, like the rhythm. shakespeare teaches those fundamentals. after you have that a little better, and still want to thyme, read some TS Elliot. Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. or if you decide free verse, maybe look at Don Marquis's "Archy" books. or, hell; read them all anyway.

to extend my point; to fill it in: don't recreate the world of self-expression, or you won't get very far. no one ever has. study (yeah, I mean more than just read it passively. think about it. what they're said, how they say it) the writing of others. keep what you think works. ignore the rest. learn from them, not trial and error.

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Thank you so much for sharing this. It's such a great thing that even if the world changes, God never will.

JA-ThePoet's avatar

You're welcome and thank you for the kind words.

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